tomorrow… never ends


8:15-2:15 work (6 hours)
2:15-3:15 time spent on last minute organizing
3:15-3:45 driving and finding parking at capitol building
3:45-4:45 meeting about family planning (policy department)
5:00-6:15: dinner and chill
6:30 meet at Jamie’s then carpool to East Greenwich to play Mahj
10:30 bedtime
6:15 am: wake up
7:00: leave for work
7:15 catch shuttle from parking to hospital
7:30-12:30 (ish): shadow at hospital
1:00-4:30 (ish): work (3.5 hours)
4:45-5:45: dinner and change clothes
6:00-6:45: weights
6:45-7:45: aerobics
8:00-9:00 mph student leadership meeting

whatever doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger

Aaron’s response? “frederick nietzsche was the dude who first said that. then he slept with his sister and got syphilis and spent the last years of his life demented because the disease was destroying his brain. it didn’t work out so well for him…. perhaps you should take it easy.”

:)- take that, Im gonna kick tomorrows ass


wedding bells and fairy tales

I really am quite the day dreamer. I have had my wedding dress mapped out in my head since long before I met Aaron, and although it has changed ever so slightly in the past few years it is much the same.

recently i have been doing a lot of future browsing for someday when Aaron and I get engaged and then married.

first I have spent a lot of time looking at furniture and home decor. I really hope that we can sell lots of our furniture when we move next summer and start collecting nice pieces of furniture that match. Im just growing tired of having a home that clearly belongs to a college student. I love our bedroom. Which despite its many video game posters, is just so reflective of us I wouldnt change a thing. Except perhaps to add more family photos. And our kitchen of course is more than complete, thanks to our mother. but i do love to dream up dozens of office/living/dining room scenarios. and even sometimes picking out new bed sets complete with throw pillows.

Jess introduced me to tonight. I am already in love. its a shame they have no wishlist/wedding registry already in place.

To the right is a beautiful vase from there, AND it is a part of fair trade so the money goes to someone in Vietnam. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

I am madly in love with the color red. I would love to have white and black and silver furniture that can be easily decorate and spiced up a bit with red.

and look how classy this one is? a little small then what I think I ultimately want in my home someday. but gorgeous none the less.

Jess also introduced me to which is just full of fun cute ideas to be done for or in preperation for a wedding. I mean I am too traditional to stray from the all white wedding dress. BUT all else goes I think, depending of course on Aaron’s ideas. I think there should be a similar website for bar and bat mitzvahs. My mother would have tons of fun things to post. I mean the edible and completely playable chess sets for Kid’s Bar Mitzvah and the kitty ice sculptor for mine. and don’t forget of course all the many many many candy bars with pretty personalized inscriptions. The match sets (posted on July 23rd) on the off beat website reminded me of these. creative. i love it.

super cute!

In any case it is long past my bedtime. damn pepsi. so thats all i got for now folks!

cirque du soleil

Not really sure how I feel about carnivale. Its a strange strange show. I mean I had no idea that it was very super natural. for some reason it reminded me of Mirror Mask. Which, truth be told, I did not really like that movie. Though my two roomates at the time absolutely loved it. Aaron thought it was okay. Im not really sure as to the connection between Carnivale and Mirror Mask. But something about them is similar. In any case, I am intrigued (regardless of whether or not I liked it) and therefore curious. So bring it on Sam, lets see another episode.

On other notes, Tuesday I saw another masectomy. Only this time I got to see the reconstruction of it. holy crap. coolest thing ever! They detached all the fat in her stomach but left it connected to the muscle. So they cut just below the fascia of the muscle. so picture this if you will (can), you now have a muscle that is connected to the skin layers beneath the fat on the upper chest but not attached to the skin layers in her stomach, then cutting a hole through the inner layers of skin/fat from her stomach to the now hole in her chest (where the breast was), they push said muscle/fat into that empty place. now the fat from her stomach becomes her boob, but as it is still attached to a muscle it gets blood flow and remains happy healthy tissue. then, because the fasacia has been removed, they replace it with pig skin. which they sew in place. and then, in order to prevent bulging in the stomach (with the muscle gone) they add this mesh netting thing that goes throughout the entire abdominal area and sew that in place. oh and i forgot to mention, when cutting out the fat in her stomach, they leave the belly button so that after they sew her up she will still have a belly button even though she lost like 3 inches north and south of it and probably 8 inches east and west of it. it was an incredibly fascinating surgery. holy crap.

further, Aaron and I had a really excellent lunch date today. It was restaurant week in providence. so about 50 restuarants in the area offered these incredible 3 course meal deals. Lunch was 3 courses for 12 dollars and dinner was 3 courses for 30 dollars. We did lunch. We split a pizza apetizer and had garlic bread. and then I had pumpkin ravioli in a pesto cream sauce (absolutely delicious) and Aaron had penne pasta in a pink vodka sauce and then we finished it off with chocolate gelato. All in all, it was a fantastic date. I love dates.


Tonight I saw the Jew friends. a set of friends i get together with once a week to play a game. one game in particular. tonight i lost. 2 dollars. sad day. there goes laundry this weekend :X

there was a new girl. and she was fantastic. I haven’t really connected with some of the girls that have been there for the past year. though they are nice, I just always seem to feel left out. there were technically two new girls. both were very nice, but one in particular I think could be a new good friend. so happens she lives down the street.

fabulous :*)

cutting people open

So tomorrow will be day three at the hospital. Im shadowing a gynecologist. Someday I think I will be a doctor. Either an OB/GYN or pediatrician. essentially i want to deliver babies or care for them.

So far, in my shadowing experience… i have seen three and a half surgeries.

1. the removal of a uterus, the size of a grapefruit. for those of you unfamiliar with the size of the uterus… close you hand. and look at your fist. that is the average size of a uterus. this one had a rather larger fibroid in it. pretty freakin awesome. The first surgery I ever saw. It will not be forgotten. (and i didnt pass out!) the coolest part is by far the cutting open of the skin. Its nothing like Grey’s Anatomy. It is not just one cut into the cavity of the body. it is a slow and agonizing process. I pretty much think it is amazing to watch them take this pen looking sautering iron and use it to slice through each layer of fat. Fat is really interesting looking.

2. the removal of vulvar tissue (non-cancerous in this case). this one was super fast. you like turn your head for a second and its over. but my G-d… all i could think about was how much it must hurt to pee post surgery. poor lady.

3. the removal of the ovaries. soooooo cool. because it was laproscopic. i got to see the entire inside of the cavity on TV. im impressed with their ability to move these tiny little utensils through holes in the stomach. and then they chop of the ovaries (in a very slow, sautering sort of process) and pull the ovaries out through the hole (the size of a dime) in a bag that they insert through said hole.

4. A masectomy. or removal of the breast. didnt get to see the end of this one because i had to go to work. my favorite one to date though. its just really interesting. they inserted sailine to help seperate the tissue from the skin (expand it?)…. and then took scissor looking things and a helper pulls up on the skin on and around the breast and the cutter pushes down on the tissue and slices between tissue and skin. hard to describe but really really really interesting.

tomorrow I will see more surgeries. i love scrubs 🙂

to be or not to be

So I decided to take this online personality test. not sure why. but i was compelled.

and the first question is…

would you rather be:
___ a senator
___ a scientist

story of my life….

dinners and doorknobs

So tonight I made a delicious dinner. Is it odd that I can eat chicken, rice, and vegetables everyday of my life? too bad I wasn’t born Asian. I really need to acquire a new skill that allows for me to have the inherent ability to make Asian food. without trying. but the fact of the matter is if I learned it then it wouldn’t be inherent after all. I am just doomed. with my lack of inherent asian cooking skills. good thing the love of my life happens to be asian.
due to the lack of the inherent skill, I used the following sauce

and baked chicken in it, and then sauted up some finely chopped bell peppers, onions, and celery in a tiny bit of butter and sesame oil and then served it with rice and more teriyaki sauce.

not a bad story if told correctly. A friend of mine brought over a salad and over all I have had a fairly healthy day. Cereal for breakfast, raisins and sunflower seeds for snack, two slices of pizza, and dinner.

and yet im hungry. except I didnt work out today. for some reason working out has become such a chore. a chore that is really far worse than mopping. and i do hate mopping. truth be told i have only ever mopped once. it was a terrible experience. so i volunteer for all the other chores and leave the mopping for the boyfriend. too bad the boyfriend cant fix the front door.

note to the landlord: the front door is broken. yes, again. it looks shut, but it isnt really shut. you can push it open. and it wont unlock when someone rings the doorbell. please fix it. promptly. the end.