dinners and doorknobs

So tonight I made a delicious dinner. Is it odd that I can eat chicken, rice, and vegetables everyday of my life? too bad I wasn’t born Asian. I really need to acquire a new skill that allows for me to have the inherent ability to make Asian food. without trying. but the fact of the matter is if I learned it then it wouldn’t be inherent after all. I am just doomed. with my lack of inherent asian cooking skills. good thing the love of my life happens to be asian.
due to the lack of the inherent skill, I used the following sauce


and baked chicken in it, and then sauted up some finely chopped bell peppers, onions, and celery in a tiny bit of butter and sesame oil and then served it with rice and more teriyaki sauce.

not a bad story if told correctly. A friend of mine brought over a salad and over all I have had a fairly healthy day. Cereal for breakfast, raisins and sunflower seeds for snack, two slices of pizza, and dinner.

and yet im hungry. except I didnt work out today. for some reason working out has become such a chore. a chore that is really far worse than mopping. and i do hate mopping. truth be told i have only ever mopped once. it was a terrible experience. so i volunteer for all the other chores and leave the mopping for the boyfriend. too bad the boyfriend cant fix the front door.

note to the landlord: the front door is broken. yes, again. it looks shut, but it isnt really shut. you can push it open. and it wont unlock when someone rings the doorbell. please fix it. promptly. the end.


About Ashley Higashi
As of February 2012, I am 26 years old, married, and a first year medical student. I want to help people achieve healthy fulfilling lives and I want to be healthy myself, so that I may serve as a role model. This is why I am in medical school and this is why I became a beachbody coach.

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