Funny Futures

There is a boy, the love of my life, sitting in my living room. And tonight he said a funny thing as we sat gazing upon battlestar galactica…

“you and Kara have a lot in common.”


“when someone criticizes you, you both storm off and then fix it when noone is looking”

Its funny. cause its true. I guess I never really put much thought into how I handle myself when I screw up, or when someone else is looking. Im not particularly great at taking criticism. I always get defensive. I don’t think I was always like this. There was a time when I wasn’t so concerned with getting crushed. A time when I was younger. But the days go by. And today, when I screw up, I get defensive. I might yell, I might cry. but I wander off, think upon the issue, and then take steps towards change. I do not wish to discuss with you the problem.