Morphing into a Housewife

So I know it has been awhile. and for that I apologize. But sometimes life gets in the way. not to mention my complete lack of motivation lately. But today I feel enlightened. Perhaps it is the soreness in my chest back and arms from my first day back at the gym all summer. Or perhaps it is the 2.5 mile run I woke up at 6:15 to complete with a new friend of mine. But whatever the cause of my lovely mood, I am going to complete many tasks today. Beginning of course with a journal update.

First, for those of you who might be interested, I started an online log of my workouts. Mostly to track my progress but also to share stories and recipes. Nothing interesting yet. but it’s there if you’d like to read it.

Second, I got running shoes. I spent 90 dollars on my first ever built for running pair of shoes. They are the most comfortable thing I have ever worn, ever before in the entirety of my life. and they should help correct my running pains in my knees and inner left foot that result from the immense inner rolling of my feet and the resulting inward pull of knees.

And lastly but most excitingly. I am going to learn to crochet. why might you ask? in order to make cupcakes like those you see to the left. They are going to be beautiful and perfect and make an excellent center peace either to my table or my kitchen counter. And I am excited. I love being a housewife in training 🙂 Even if I am going to be a working housewife, I am going to be an excellent one. Good thing I love doing things like cooking and laundry! speaking of which, off to get some laundry started…


My Personality Test

ISFJ: 11, 50, 38, 33

I am amazed at how accurate a description of me that really is…