a day without schedules

How lovely is it to say that when I leave work today, I can do whatever I want. For the past ten days, everything evening has been scheduled. From Mahjong last Monday, tea with sam on tuesday, rosh chodesh committee meeting wednesday, Student council committee meeting and greys anatomy on thursday, potluck on friday, jazz festival in boston on saturday, MCAT, school group meeting, dinner, and services sunday, services all day monday and breakthe fast, and then mahjong again last night. Now dont get me wrong. I love each and everyone of these activities and commitments. but wow is it nice to say that tonight, I have nothing planned.

I might leave work and go to the gym (if I feel better, I got a little carsick on the shuttle ride over, hoping it is just dehydration), i might go to a yoga class (I just joined the JCC gym yesterday and now have a whole BUNCH of classes available to me), or I might do landary, study for the MCAT, go to reflections (my favorite coffee/sandwich place to study), or go for a walk with rachel, or just hang out with rachel. might attempt to make a butternut squash soup that I have kinda made up in my head that sounds delicious, or perhaps just thaw out some hamburger meat and cheese and have tacos for dinner. the world is open to me.
Im thinking perhaps this soup. or using a butternut squash ravioli recipe to make a soup. I think if i used the filling for the ravioli and then pureed it and added it to tomato soup with a little pureed onions and potatos would also be delicious. It is a very soup sort of day. and saturday the grocery store had GIANT butternut squashes… i am hoping they are still there. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are of course planned again, so I mine as well take advantage of my time tonight. Aaron has class from 7-9:30 so I even get some time to myself! or perhaps some ashley-rachel time which would also be fantastic.
The only things I MUST do tonight: grade papers for human biology for epidemiology (im a teachers assistant for that class), post the next assignment for that class, order contacts, organize septembers bills/budget, and write a rent check for tomorrow. Looks like a long list but is really only about 2 hours of stuff and much of it can be done while watching a movie or something relaxing. I wonder if rachel is up for 27 dresses….

Time is of the essence

I don’t understand where all the time goes! Suddenly it is Thursday and I still have so much to do. and yet I am at work from now till 3 and then I have a Student MPH Council meeting at 7:30 and grey’s anatomy from 9 to 11. I’m really looking forward to grey’s not only because I am one of *those* silly fans… but I am having at least one (probably 2) mph students over and 3-4 Mahjong girls over to watch it with me. FINALLY I have found a grey’s anatomy crew. I miss Thursday nights in Fort Collins. Always had a large group to share in the experience.

So if I survive until October 28th then this semester really won’t be so bad. All I have after that date is two papers and a take home final and about 8 weeks in which to complete them. But between now and that date I have a paper, two midterms, a huge presentation (worth 35% of my grade), and 2 data assignments.
not to mention my environmental ethics paper. which I really need to make some major progress on this weekend. which is already looking so busy. Potluck tomorrow evening, boston jazz festival on saturday, MCAT class 10-2:30 on sunday and Yom Kippur services at 6 pm (which means we have to have already eaten dinner before the fast).
I must admit… I am a weeee bit over whelmed. Thank G-d for a fantastic boyfriend, lovely friends, and my crochet.

A new Year

I am definately at work at the moment, so perhaps I should not be posting. But its been awhile and I have a lot to say. For starters, school began. I love school. Which is a good thing since I intend to be in it for 5 more years (1 more year MPH and then 4 years of medical school). The courses I am taking this year are fantastic so far; US Healthcare systems (perfect timing to take such a course considering the healthcare reform), clinical trials methodology (one of the professors is really sweet but she tends to go of on really long tangents), and an independent study in Environmental Health Ethics (A subject I really do not wish to pursue… but it’s a requirement).

I made Quinoa for the first time. It’s delicious and a very healthy substitute for rice. I ate it with a bit of pepper and some veggies. I happen to love veggies. And I love that I can spice them however I want every time I cook it. I had Quinoa before when my awesome friend Sam made a butternut squash Quinoa dish. It too was delicious. For those of you who do not know… my absolute favorite vegetable in the whole world is butternut squash. I love butternut squash ravioli and butternut squash soup am always looking for new ways to prepare butternut squash. So let me know if you have any suggestions.
Crochet update: I have now made a green potholder, green hand warmers (fingerless gloves), a bag, a hat, and am currently making a second copy of the aforementioned hat. but now that I am remaking it… I might like the first one better. Lol, oh well. TI haven’t decided what my next project will be. Either an afghan or a shoulder cardigan looking thingy (its pretty… promise… though the description does not do it justice). I have mastered the art of reading patterns. Or at least I found an excellent “how to” blog to help me out when I get stuck. The ultimate goal is still the cupcakes, but I need lots of different colored yarn scraps… and right now I only have green (a shade that probably wont make a good cupcake), blue, and purple. I bring my projects everywhere. I can do them while i visit with friends, ride buses, wait at bus stops, waiting for class to start (and even in class when the teacher repeatedly goes off on tangents but dont worry, my notes are still top notch).
My MCAT class starts sunday which I am absolutely thrilled for. This is like the most important key to the puzzle of getting into medical school (surpassed only by the admittance essay but good thing I have an excellent daddy to help me with that part). Anyways I have pretty good grades (excellent ones if you look only at the microbiology courses in undergrad), tons of different research experience, a year of paid work at a hospital, a 6 week shadowing experience, and a 3 month unpaid internship at a state health policy department. But the MCAT… sigh. it needs to be perfect. because I want to marry Aaron. and I want to LIVE with my husband… so I need to get into medical school where he goes for his PhD and he is only applying to really good schools.
Anyways… it is the jewish new year tonight. Silly holiday really. 5770? Clearly the world is older then 5,770 years. The year 5770 literally represents an orthodox calculation of the world’s existence based on what they call “biblical evidence.” Which is dumb… I do believe in evolution and dinosaurs and frankly I don’t really consider it a belief… more of a fact. But its a popular Jewish custom so I intend on participating. So year 5770… here we come 🙂
My new years resolution? To have challah 3 of 4 fridays all year round and to clean up all my stuff on a weekly basis

My crutch

I sprained my ankle. yea. it sucks. To be completely honest it is a very mild sprain. I can put weight on it and walk with very little to no pain, but when I do, it swells up and starts hurting. It really hurts a lot more after i put weight on it, then when I actually put weight on it. So I am trying to stay off of it. I am using crutches. And switching between different braces. trying to keep it elevated. Which is something easy enough to do at home, but work is a different story. I would almost rather hobble to the bathroom then use my crutches cause there are so many doors and touching things is gross. and i can’t really elevate it here. i have it propped up on an upside down recycle bin beneath my desk but that is maybe 15 inches above the ground. Which makes it still below the chair and much much lower than my heart.
I want to go hiking this weekend! I am sacrificing the things i love, such as mahjong night. in order to stay off it. and am just not convinced it is helping. I mean it isn’t getting worse. but it also isn’t getting better. it feels excellent in the mornings, no swelling, no pain. but gets slightly worse during the day. I say slightly because it is soooo mild it hardly counts as a sprain. but that doesnt change the fact that it just wont heal!
On happier notes. I have learned to crochet. I started just making scraps. couldnt seem to figure out why it was that every row kept getting skinnier. It is important to note that I learned to crochet via youtube. Anyways, a friend of mine came over and informed me that at the end of each row you have to add a stitch in order to keep it from shrinking. the scraps laid out together made a pretty sailboat. next i attempted to make a towel. which I soon realized was way too skinny. so i made it longer and crochet’d it together and made a little purse. I am now working on a pot holder/kitchen rag. It is all very exciting!