pretty things

My goodness it has been a “crafty” sort of day (in between my MCAT studying and panic attacks)…

I finally got around to selling my Hookah. I loved my hookah and a few of my friends pitched in and bought it for me for my 21st birthday… but it only took me about another 6-8 months after that to quit smoking entirely. Yes yes I know… smoking is bad. But I never tried a cigarette… just hookah. And I only did it about 0-2 times a month over 2 years. Anyways, it is taking up space and I put it on craigslist a few days back. Just got my first email about it, hopefully he/she will want to meet up tomorrow or the next day to purchase it from me. and then? I think I am going to use the money to purchase this agenda. It is just GORGEOUS. and I either need to buy fillers for my winnie the pooh planner (which I also love) or buy a new planner. and I am just so incredibly impressed with this one. And it doesnt really cost me anything since I am selling my hookah. (I have odd ways of justifying spending money).

Also. the absolute coolest most incredible amazing crochet’d item ever. A supermario-brother blanket. freakin incredible.

If you go to the above link you can see just how big it is… it covers a queen size bed. It is made with the same stitch I used to make my fathers hanukkah gift (which I havent technically sent to him yet cause it isnt quite done…so I cant post a picture). But I had no idea that you could use that same stitch to literally crochet pictures into a background. Now I want to do this. don’t yet know what I am going to make… but I read through huge amounts of her blog. and found that she makes purses… which is going to be next project (more managable than a queen size quilt) and I found a link that shows me how to sew lining into the crochet. I think I want to make this one you see here to the left. Although probably without the little flower patch things (in part cause I don’t know how to embroider, and in part cause I dont really like them quite as much as the bag.) I think I will do it in black and pink and white…

Anyways. I am obsessed. been looking at all these fun things for like the last hour (and spent a good hour earlier today as well). so unbelievably amazed at this blanket. It is so blistfully nerdy. The owner said it took her MONTHS (almost a year) to make it though. and I just do NOT have that kind of time. So it would probably take me like 2 years. But I am certainly contemplating cool scenes that I could use to make something this freakin awesome. Perhaps marvel superhero characters? very curious…


details details details

So perhaps you might be wanting a bit more details? I have been rather neglectful of this poor journal for some time now. But as part of the new year, I will try very hard to keep on top of it.

My life in a nutshell:

School: As of right now (still pending on a professors approval) I am taking a course on behavioral interventions (required), a thesis independent study course (mostly to save my sanity… I do my thesis at work and my boss will be my “instructor for this course) and a writing course taken as an independent study.

The latter has been the bane of my existince these past few days. My department decided last semester they were not going to offer the graduate level writing course they taught last year… which was a problem for me because I need a second writing course to apply to medical schools. Though requirements differ, some of the schools I have looked at do require 2 semesters of writing, and I only completed one during my undergraduate. SO my department (because the faculty are incredible) decided I could take an undergraduate writing course for graduate credit, as long as the professor agreed to hold me to the standards of a grad student and have me do a bit of extra work. And the professor is more than accomodating 🙂

Which was all well and good… till I went to register last week. The English department has determined that course shall be taken ONLY as pass/fail. And pass/fail can under no circumstances count towards med school requirements (believe me, I called many).

BUT long story short, I will be enrolling in an Independent Study course with the professor, but then attending all the lectures for the course so that she can give me a letter grade. Some medical schools say this is enough, others said that my advanced humanity courses in undergrad will suffice, and only one (of those I called) still feels I do not meet the writing requirement. Which I will deal with next summer should I decide to apply. Im hoping with an MPH, and a thesis, and hopefully at least one published paper, they will let that silly semester slide…. to be determined…

Weddings: no real new news yet on this one. still working on the Rabbi thing. Man these people can be frustrating.

Aaron: still wonderful and amazing as always 🙂 It’s been nice to finally get to be around him for a few weeks. We are always so busy during the semester that we go days with out any waking moments together. But break has been good for us. Aaron has 6 PhD. applications submitted, 2 that he will be submitting this afternoon (just has to go to the post office) and then only 1 more to do!!! wooohooo!

People: It was so nice to see everyone. I loved that Spencer came out for a bit. We had some nice one-on-one conversations and he helped me a bit with Physics (MCAT prep). I wish he lived closer. Aaron and I had a fabulous time in Colorodo with the goal of see as many people as possible in 10 days time. I think we did rather well. We saw his parents and his brother and neice of course and the we saw (i think) 12 of our old friends, spending extra time with four of them (as we stayed at their homes). It was very complete.

Summary: life is busy. but I am extremely happy, engaged, (somewhat) healthy, and just all around smiley. Say hi to the families for me!

back in Rhode Island

As much as I enjoy visiting people… Sometimes it is really nice just to come home and BE home.

week in New Jersey Phili in beginning of November

long weekend in Arizona for thanksgiving

10 days in colorado from the 17th-28th

and then 4 days in florida in the beginning of January.

that is ALOT of traveling. I am excited that Lisa and Joe are moving back to Herrin… because this means that my entire family (minus my parents, dad’s parents, and uncle barry) are all in Illinois. Which means…. perhaps we wont have to fly so much this coming year? HA! if only…

A beautiful morning

January fourth. wow it has been awhile since I have written in this thing. Didn’t know life could get so busy. or that I could get so distracted. Last semester is over. and thank goodness for that. I just started at work again today. It was so hard to get to bed last night. for weeks I havent slept before 1/2 am and have been sleeping in until 10/11 am. and today I had to be at work by 7:30. So I went to sleep at about 9:30. but my body would have none of that. by 12:30 I was up, and wide awake. I tossed and turned and finally gave in and got up and studied chemistry for awhile. (MCAT in 25 days…SHIT). and then finally got back to sleep around 2:30. but I made it. to work at 7:30. All in all, a SUCCESS!

Wedding planning is well under way. We have picked out some wedding invites we like (though haven’t yet shared them with my parents). Mahina has agreed to make our Ketubah, and we have begun looking at what we want that too look like. We have been working hard to find a Rabbi, and today Aaron will began looking for a priest. We found a Ukranian Orthodox priest willing to co-officiate, which is a start. Not quite the Old Orthodox that Aaron prefers… but we’re getting there. Lots to do!