welcome back … to me

I really need to write in this more. So here is to making an effort. Tonight I had an extremely wonderful time playing mahjong. We get together every monday night for mahjongg and I always leave so happy, regardless of how much money I lose. Haha. dont worry its only change. but I tend to lose 1-3 dollars a week playing this silly game, at least since we started using the new 2010 card on April 1st. I used to be better with the 2009 card. It really is all about recognizing patterns, i just need time for this new card to sink in.

Anyways, I realize how extremely sad I am to leave here. As most of you know, I have moved every 3-4 years my entire life, so moving is nothing to me. And for the most part, I have absolutely loved it. I really think this is the first move in which I am really just not ready. for the first time since high school, I feel that I truly have a community where I belong. Dont get me wrong, I was totally ready to leave high school and go to college, but come on, that was for COLLEGE. and after college, I was ready to move on with my life, I didnt really feel at home in Colorado. I had several really close friends, but I didnt have a *community* and now I do.
Here I have someone I can refer to as “my rabbi” and I can call on him when I have both moral and religious dilemmas. I have a Jewish community to which i belong. I have a gynecologist and a dentist and a hair dresser (hair cutter?). I play Mahjong with Jewish girls every Monday and i have Shabbat dinners every Friday. I run with these girls and we go for walks and we have potlucks and watch grey’s anatomy and I just feel so connected to them. And its not just them. I have other friends out here, outside of the Jewish community who I can call on, further extending the reach of my community. For the first time in so long I just really feel that I belong. and I am not ready to leave them.
Dont get me wrong, I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband-to-be and an amazing family and am extremely excited to move to Chicago. I know there are even more jews there, particularly young jews, and that the opportunities there far exceed those here (pharmaceuticals, hospitals, medical schools etc). and it will be nice to be close to my extended family. to really spend some quality time with my cousins and get to know my aunts and uncles and the rest of my family. I am going to love being an hour from Kid (spencer) and i have two high school friends within a few hours of chicago that I can reconnect with (one I never lost touch with, in fact she may be at my wedding) but for the first time, I am sad to leave this current life of mine behind.
On that note. I am extremely excited about my bridal shower on saturday. The invitations my friends made are ADORABLE. and yes, I will post a picture of them, but technically I havent gotten one yet. lol. My dear friend Rachel keeps forgetting to give me one, and I keep forgetting to ask when I see her. but its okay, I got to see one that was sent to another friend. and they are soo cute. they have all put in so much into this. I know nothing about it and yet I know its gonna be girly and fun and fantastic. I love it. and Im really glad that my mommy will be here to share it with me. 🙂

A new run!

Today I went running with my friend Jen. She is training for a half marathon (her second one, the first was last fall). Meaning today was an 11 mile run for her. I drove over to her house and I accompanied her for approximately 4.2 miles of her run. Me, being dumb, forgot to to turn on my freakin ipod mini, which I carried with me the entire route, so was unable to record my running time. But she introduced me to mapmyrun.com. according to it, I ran 4.2 miles in 47 minutes, averaging 11:11 min/mile, and burned 430 calories.

I am extremely excited because this is the first time I have ever run more than 3.2 miles, and the ONLY time I have run more than 2.8 without any walking. We literally ran the entire thing. Mind you I was dying by the end. and we technically stopped short of her house (it would have been 4.3 ish miles) and walked the rest of the way, but I did run 4.2 miles.
I just had to make a note of it since it wont be recorded in my online NiKE run thing (via the ipod mini) since I didn’t turn the freakin think on. lame.

About Me

I am re-writing the “about me” section of my facebook profile because it is outdated and I am applying for jobs. But I feel that it should be saved somewhere… So I am copying the old one here.
“Im really only happy when im stressed. I work best under pressure and I go to the gym to relax. I love to cook, I have absolutely no sense in style, Im usually humming or whistling or singing, and I watch the sunrise as often as possible. I daydream about my boyfriend, and though I generally worry about the future, I fall asleep smiling. My greatest fear is losing my friends. My greatest fall involved losing my two best friends to each other. My greatest weakness is my inability to see change. and my greatest strength is keeping secrets. I play with silly putty or rubber bands when i take tests, and blowing bubbles never fails to make me smile. I look like im twelve most of the time, and wearing pajamas probably only exemplifies that, but you’ll find I do it quite a bit. I love to read about viruses, parasites, and bacteria but im really not interested in how we learned that information. I want to be a doctor because I’ve seen poverty in third world countries and I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy. I love to dance, rock climb, and play world of warcraft. And “I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken”