whirlwinds and sunny days

All moved into Chicago and life is freakin crazy!

No real friends yet, but thats okay cause I hardly see Aaron and we live together.
I have started a job. I am a research project professional at the University of Chicago. Which I happen to love for three reasons
1. it is about .25-.30 miles from my house
2. I have a cool title: Ashley Sohn, MPH – Research Project Professional
3. It is just freakin awesome.
I have started writing a paper already – of which I will be first author-(mind you I started last monday), have spent probably 12 hours in training, have had my first every conference call with people in PA, have made friends with an IMS tech guy named Cliff (LOTS of data issues), have learned TONS about prescription drug use and policies related to it, AND gotten to know (at least briefly) all the members of our research team (and they are fantastic).
After my first ever 40 hour work week last week, we drove down to southern IL to see a huge chunk of my extended family and they threw me a very lovely bridal shower and we ate tasty delicious things (such as cherry chip cupcakes with grandmas frosting… ummm YES!) and now I am back in Chicago where I work by day and study (to retake the MCAT) by night. and I am running daily (FINALLY! – i lost alll of my stamina in the move and am back at almost square one just trying to do 1.5-2.0 miles 5 days a week).
I want to make note that I apologize to the tens of thousands of people that I owe phone calls. once I get through the MCAT (next week) and my evenings have been returned to me, I will make sure to call you (you know who you are). Please also note that I do love you.
the end.