New pillow ftw!!!

Today Aaron and I went and spent wedding gift cards.

We spent all of our crate and barrel money and got the remainder of our silverware sets (6), a set of kitchen knives, and 2 more wine glasses (because we have taken turns knocking them off the counter). The champaigne glasses we drank out of at the wedding were heart shaped ones that were given to me by crate and barrel when I went to a brides morning thingy at crate and barrel. In any case, in transiting them back from AZ one of the champaigne glasses broke 😦 so when we were there today I asked about them, and they gave us a whole new set of two as a gift!
Then we went to bed bath and beyond and we each picked out comfy pillows. which mind you, I am sitting in bed, in new sheets that we bought today reclining on my new super awesome super comfy pillow. We also bought some artwork which aaron is gonna post tomorrow. I will try and get pictures of the new artwork up in here sometime soon. One of the pictures we got there is of a tree, but as you walk by the tree, it changes colors/seasons from spring/summer to autumn to fall. It has three seasons! I LOVE it. I really like all the fun goodies we got today. It is all so much fun. And we actually still have some bed bath and beyond money leftover. We may go get some more artwork or shelving once we get all this other artwork up. There were some fun paintings that I think would match our bedroom well.
There was this really pretty glass peice of artwork that had a bible verse on it. Its sad because I really liked it, but its from the new testament. Can I have that in a Jewish home? I mean it is simply defining faith. which is silly, because if it was written anywhere else (even from the buddhist perhaps) then it would be perfectly okay. Where is this underlying distaste of Christian writings in a Jewish home, when I know many Jews with Hindu or Buddhist writings in their home? – very curious. This is the faith painting – It is really pretty. And we may end up going back and buying it after all. It reads “Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.”Nothing there to contradict Judiasm.
Anyways it is 11:30 and I have still much to accomplish before sleep (oh shiiiitttt)- good think I had a soda. yuck.
until next time… new pillows for the win!

sleepy time…

I don’t think I have ever been this exhausted or burnt out in my entire life. I have never been much of a procastinator. But these days, I am finding it so hard to accomplish anything. Mostly, because I have a fantastic life.

Essentially I have gone none stop for three weeks and still have two to go. Im glad I have like two friends around here because frankly, I dont have time for people anymore. For instance, I work 7:30-4, come home, cook/clean/work on med school applications, go to bed, and start all over the next day. Which wouldnt be so bad, if I could find the time to knit or crochet or read or sleep over the weekends. but instead we have found all kinds of new and exciting things to occupy our time, like spending days downtown with kid or, like last weekend, the entire family. Or this weekend. we have yom kippur tonight/tomorrow. which means, I am leaving work early today, which I dont know if I am supposed to do. but my boss is out of the office, which means everybody else that works for him isnt gonna come in at all today, and everything I need to do, I can do from home. So around 2 I am gonna leave here so I can braid challah dough. then peel/cut potatos and while those are boiling, do another hour or so of work. then mash them and cut veggies and get the cattiotiore going (since we are having a vegetarian for dinner we need a main dish other than the brisket and he suggested pasta so im making a veggie cattiotorie to go over it). and then while that simmers, do more work. then we feast, go to services. come home. probably crash at like 10 tonight. get up, go to services for like 5-6 hours tomorrow, then maybe nap, then go back to services then go out to dinner… then I have more work to do before I go to bed. I am gonna do the “great disconnect” this year and thus will be turning my phone/tv/computer off for the day of yom kippur/shabbas, ie from 5:00 pm tonight (when dinner starts) until after sunset tomorrow night.

Then, we have plans sunday and we need to make it to crate and barrel and bed/bath/beyond.

then another week of work, then next weekend we are off to Purdue to visit friends for sukkot. then next sunday we are doing pizza in the sukkah here in chicago for dinner then another week of work, then the moment I get off work that friday we are driving down to herrin for a wedding. oh goodness.

I think I have hit my limit, 40 hour work weeks + 39 straight days of stuff to do (granted stuff I want to do and enjoy doing with people I love) + medical applications might kill me.

Im putting it in my calendar guys. the only things I want to see on October 9th and 10th is my husband, a bottle of wine, a bathtub, knitting needles, a good book (on my new kindle = my mom’s old one), doritos, my big comfy bed and pickles.

things to remember

“I had this crazy dream about vampires the other night and you were able to save me and aaron from them because your jewish. PS~ you could also fly.

just wait till you hear me describe it w/ my voice”

– Maggie

gym memberships

so we got a gym membership which is exciting. The gym here is super nice. For staff members the gym is 400 dollars and 400 dollars for your spouse. For CTS students, the gym is 225 dollars, and spouses get the normal U of C student spouse rate which is 115 dollars. So… at the gym, I am the spouse of a student, rather than a U of C employee and thus we spent 340 dollars on a year gym membership- roughly 28 dollars per a month total (or 14 dollars each per a month).

definately a good deal.
There are two gyms on campus. each has cardio machines and weight machines and an ab exercise area and saunas in the locker room. The nicer/newer one also has a pool and a martial arts/dance studio. and the other one has an indoor track. our membership gets us access to both facilities. I am soooo freakin excited.
We are still working out the kinks in our schedule. Some of the martial arts courses are free and included, some are an additional small amount a semester. Though I am not entirely sure, they might all be free. In any case, tomorrow we are gonna check out the tae kwon do class. They are all two hours long. It seems like it HAS to be a good workout. AND we get to do martial arts. woohooo!
Aaron is really happy about his classes. He seems to be enjoying his CTS experience thus far. He likes the people and the campus and the staff and faculty. He really is hoping to stay here. Which would be nice. cause I am sick of moving. lol. I think the only thing that could take me away from here is admittance into Duke’s medical school program. Because they have an entire year built in for research: 1 year classes, 1 year rotations, 1 year research, 1 year electives. most schools are 2 year classes, 1 year rotations, 1 year electives. some schools let you do research that fourth year but then you lose the elective rotations.