Last night I found two things:

1. I never want to live in a co-op
2. There ARE other young Jews in Hyde Park 🙂

Hair Disasters

Get ready for a vain moment. but I just want to see these all together… Me over the course of the last two years…

I can’t decide what to do next with my hair. Over the years I have had so many looks. And I can’t figure out which one is the “me” look. There are different things I like about each one of these… so now, what to do next?

Here we have the “ian and carrie’s wedding weekend look” – back when my hair really didn’t take that long to straighten. I don’t like the color, but I think I like the cut?
then I turn to the side and I am not so sure…
Then there is the really awesome long hair…
with the cool bangs (and good looking brother)
then there was the reddish hair and bangs straight across (again with the awesome brother)
and then of course, the sexiest looking hair I have ever had, but it only looked like this for one day ever…
dark and somewhere in between
and then there is the now
so what next? grow it out? add layers? change the bangs? no bangs? so many options! gasp