The Birds in Spring in Chicago

I know how the birds must be feeling, what they must be thinking.

The birds are waking up in the south and checking their calendars and say HURRAY! It is March 31st and it must be spring time. The birds look at each other and establish, yes, it is time to fly north to their spring/summer homes. So they gather their friends and family and take flight. The birds head to chicago.

The birds arrive in Chicago. They started arriving around the beginning of March (the early birds so to speak) and continue to arrive. But when the birds arrive in Chicago, they discover that it may be Spring, but it is certainly not spring weather. They quickly double check their calendars, yes, Spring begun on March 20th. But here in Chicago, it is still in the 20 and 30 degree weather.

And the birds, think, well shit.

Poor birdies

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April is almost upon us – and I need food blogs

I started a facebook page in February to help motivate people to improve their health through fitness,eating, and other healthy habits. In addition to monthly themes, I post recipes, blog entries, inspirational quotes, my own eating and fitness habits, and anything else I think might help people reach their goals.

But each month has a theme:

February I posted tips of the day. In March, I posted March Motivation each day.

The goal is to post these posts each day for the month, though I think I averaged about 20 per a month. I am improving and would like to hit 25 for the month of April – To reach this goal – I call upon the blogging community, particularly the food blogs!

For the month of April I am going to post healthy recipes from personal blogs. Obviously you can get healthy recipes online, using google, but I want to hear from the people, and I like to direct traffic to peoples blogs.

So – if you, or someone you know, or perhaps some blog you just really like to follow, posts healthy food options and recipes, please get me their website!

You can contact me in a variety of ways:

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Crochet Baby Dress and Shoes

My coworker is having a baby girl in just a few weeks. And last week we threw her a baby shower at work (a lunch potluck). I had finished the dress, but I hadnt tied in any of the ends or crocheted the matching shoes or diaper cover (ie baby underwear) yet, so I elected to show her the dress but then take it home to finish.

I have now crocheted all the pieces, and hope to get the ends tied in tonight. but in the meantime, I thought I would share my progress

The Baby Girl Sleeper Set

As always, I found the pattern on ravelry, and it is available for free here, along with other baby clothes patterns.

To be honest, I think the pattern is pretty poorly written. First, I think it is always important to write the number of stitches you should expect to have at the completion of each row or section. While the pattern does contain these for the dress and shoes, it is missing for the diaper cover, which is where I think it would be most useful.

Second, I made the top (purple) section of the dress three times and cannot figure out how you would wind up with 20 shells for the dress part. The second time, I forced 20 shells, but then the dress looked kinda lopsided and like it was designed for a very fat baby. So I stuck with 19 shells. *Note: if you are going to want it to be a DRESS – you have to make it longer than the pattern implies. mine totals 12.5 inches

Third, the fact that there is no picture with the pattern is always a frustration to me. Of course, there are lots of pictures uploaded on ravelry, but exactly what this intended to look like is unclear as many of the projects on ravelry differ, particularly where the purple top meets with white shells on the dress.

Overall, I am pleased with the results, but if I have the time, I intend to re-write the pattern.

Time: Dress – about 2.5 hours, shoes – 30 minutes, Diaper cover – 1 hour

Because I LOVE baby shoes – here is a close up of the shoes 🙂

Movie Maker Help!!!

I have windows 7 and a brand new computer (1 month old) – which means I should be able to go to windows live and install movie maker from windows live essentials 2011. Which I did. Windows photo gallery and movie maker install together – the photo gallery opens. the movie maker crashes immediately upon opening. Despite the fact that they download as a package. which leads to me believe, the error MUST be on my computer. But I can’t figure it out.

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling movie maker/photo gallery- I tried running as an administrator, I tried running the program with my computer in safe mode and an error message said that I do not have the system requirements, but my computer uses an i7 processor, 2 GB of ram and an NVDIA processor. I am certain I DO have the required equipment – any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with DELL – in which the guy established that everything on my computer is working (already knew that) and that I should contact microsoft – but I have already posted in microsoft forums and nobody has a solution. everyone says it is some compatibility issue on my computer.


Please help me fix my movie maker!!!! or send this to any of your tech savy friends.



My three day healthy plan

March 19th: A Three Day Restart for Your Body

A detoxifying body cleanse is an extremely good way to clear out your system – not only does it rid your body of toxins, but it quite literally re-starts your digestive tract – helping you clear out things that may get stuck in various places of the body.

Starting March 19th – I am going to do the shakeology 3-day cleanse – and I am inviting you to join me!

Because shakeology is all natural and contains lots of fiber, protein, and vitamins – this is one of the safest ways for you to do such a cleanse (ever heard of the lemon juice cleanse? TERRIBLE for your body – all that acid and no food to absorb it? yuck!)

I know that shakeology is expensive and who wants to spend that much on a product you have never tried? So for this event I am will provide you the 9 packets of Shakeology necessary to do this cleanse at  approximately $4.25 a pack plus 5 dollars for 2 day shipping (43 total).

Get free shipping?

  • WRITE ABOUT IT! – If you keep a blog where you review products – I will send you the packets – with free shipping in exchange that you write about your experience at the end of the three days – include weight loss, feelings, and review of the taste and a link back to my shakeology page.
  • Refer a friend – I will refund your shipping costs when your friend purchases and joins us for our three day cleanse!

**I will also throw in a recipe card!**

I hope you’re with me!

Get in touch – leave a comment or email me

Known Benefits of Shakeology
(please note that some of these links do not work in chrome – sorry!)
  • LOTS of vegatables (40 dollars worth in 1 serving in fact) – here
  • Bonus energy (even replace your coffee!)- here
  • Glycemic control – here
  • Doctors approval – here
  • Weight Loss! – in just the three day cleanse – I have known people to lose between 3 and 8 pounds!
Ingredients and nutrition information of Shakeology
  • All natural!!!! – Here

See a movie – good deals

Let’s face it – my husband and I are broke – and I am always looking for more ways for us to save money. Now, we go see 1 movie a month – because it is one of those things we love and budget for

Today I found a coupon for fandango movie tickets.

You get two tickets for 9 dollars and they dont expire till June 26th

– which is pretty freakin amazing imho


Just wanted to share!

p.s. i would love more money saving goodies for anyone who has any 🙂