Moving Time – Packing, Selling, Organizing – Moving On

Good morning my blog friends. PHEW it has been yet another long time since blog entry. What a BUSY few weeks!

On June 27th – I was officially moved OFF the wait list and accepted into medical school!

On July 1st – I officially kicked off the #fitblog #fitabs challenge, a free fitness challenge I am running to help engage people in healthy exercise habits. Read More… 

July 2- July 7th: My husband and I went off to Seattle to visit two of our dear friends (one of my bridesmaids and my husbands best man from our wedding last summer). We saw the market, went kayaking, visited the sci-fi museum, went up the needle, viewed the gum wall, watched fireworks from the park that has old industrial factory looking things, enjoyed a picnic by the water and had an all around great time.

July 7th – July 10th: My husband and I went from Seattle straight to Reno where we drove three hours over to June Lake in California (near Mammoth Lakes) for his family reunion. Every summer his grandparents, his grandma’s siblings – their kids and THEIR kids all gather at a campsite in California for a few days. It is great to see everyone.

July 11th – July 15th:  We were without internet at home for almost the entire week which made things more than a little crazy AND it was my last week of work. I was at work from between 7:30 and 8:00 am till almost 6:30 pm every day frantically trying to make sure I left things in order. I really appreciated the experience and wanted to ensure that my boss would have an easy transition after I left.

On July 16th – I began the tedious process of packing. Which probably wouldn’t be so bad if I had been more organized this past year. My poor hubby – we have three boxes that were full of shit from our LAST move (one of which I sorted through yesterday and tossed most of it), piles and piles of papers/receipts EVERYWHERE for me to sort through, and a hallway closet that has started building up a few piles of its own. In any case, yesterday, July 16th, I packed up a huge chunk of our living room, sorting through things, and throwing a way as much as I could.


I am spending this next week catching up on blogging and knitting & finishing the sorting/tossing/packing process. So far we have three things for sale and a growing pile of miscellaneous items to donate.

I have a rather LARGE stack of MCAT study supplies I am going to first try to sell:

  • 6 Kaplan Books
  • 1 set of Kaplan course flash cards
  • 1 MCAT in a Box – Kaplan flash cards (my absolute FAVORITE study tool)
  • 4 Exam Kracker Books
  • 1 Barron MCAT prep book
  • 1 chemistry text book.
  • Color coded physics formula sheets – in sheet protectors
  • 2 notebooks of chapter summaries from the Kaplan books

We have two BEAUTIFUL tall solid wood shelving/storage units. GREAT condition. Only selling them because they simply won’t fit in our new apartment. :/

And a super cute woman’s professional laptop bag. I actually got a smaller one from my parents, and as I have a rather small computer, find that it is a lot easier for me to use. This one still has the original tag on it and everything!

Anyways, that is my life in a nutshell these days! I think I am going to do a bit of knitting next…

What have been YOUR highlights from July so far?

Any fun stories from Fourth of July?


About Ashley Higashi
As of February 2012, I am 26 years old, married, and a first year medical student. I want to help people achieve healthy fulfilling lives and I want to be healthy myself, so that I may serve as a role model. This is why I am in medical school and this is why I became a beachbody coach.

One Response to Moving Time – Packing, Selling, Organizing – Moving On

  1. You’ve been busy! I hate packing. And I’m sure we have some boxes of stuff that have not been unpacked since we moved to this apartment 2 years ago. Packing/moving is always a good time since I’m a packrat and my husband likes to throw everything away.

    Highlights from July so far: Brother-in-law & Fiancee’s bachelor/bachelorette outings in Cleveland. Wedding in Cleveland the following weekend. (That’s TWO consecutive weekends of 16-17 hours of driving between OH and NJ 🙂

    July 4: 6.3 mile run w/friend from work. Lounged around and drank iced coffee all day. Walked around a nearby park, went to a BBQ at a friend’s place. Missed fireworks while we were out of town.

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