Up and coming, hair and dreaming

I can’t believe it has only been 3 months since my last post. I feel as though it has been at least 6. I am three months into medical school. But I don’t want to talk about medical school. I am drowning in medical school. I am really counting down the time until Tuesday Nov 1st and 10:30 am – when I am done with exams for a bit and can actually take some time to myself.

And you know what is getting me through it all? the fact that AFTER the exam I am going to make these amazing looking cinnamon role cupcakes:

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Cupcakes happen to be my favorite thing to bake, and I haven’t made any in at least 6 months. But not I have lots of starving med students to share them with and won’t have to feel guilty for eating them all myself. The blog entry even has a homemade cinnamon frosting recipe to go along with it!

And then? After the cupcake making… I’m gonna take a bubble bath

And finally… the last thing I am super excited about doing next week… is getting a hair cut. I haven’t had my hair cut since May, just before my brother’s graduation. And I can’t even bear to wear it down. Its all boxy and blah. I have discovered that Sophia Bush has super thick hair and has had a wide variety of haircuts. And with my hair the length it is now. I want to model my next hair cut off of hers:


what do you think? Technically my hair is about an inch shorter than this, but it will grow and I want it to grow into this. So perhaps getting this cut but with shorter layers/cuts in the front top and around so that my hair will really look like this in a month or so… Just in time for the holidays?

Of course, if I could get my make up to look like this, it would be an added bonus

But seriously? What kind of medical student has time to put make up on… not this one! that is for sure. Doesn’t mean I can’t have pretty hair again though…