Heels are Overrated

Heels are Overrated

Hard to believe that I have literally watched an entire season of 24 in the past ten days or so. That’s a little much. I know. What is sad is that I only completed about 3-4 inches of the socks I am knitting. I’m really glad I decided to do this two socks at once thing. Or I never would have finished the second one.

20111230-020226.jpgAs you can see, the heel is a bit big too be honest… Which is rather unfortunate because a smaller heel would certainly have shortened the time a bit. I actually ended up having to do the heel a number of times before figuring out a way to do it successfully. The author of the pattern also provided a modification PDF to describe how to make them smaller. But I think her directions for the heel were a bit lacking. She pretty much told you to change only the first row of the heel and otherwise to follow the remainder of the pattern exactly. But first of all, this leaves you with a lopsided heel so I had to improvise a wee bit. And I made sure to have 21 stitches after the heel as written in the pattern but I think that should have been modified as well for smaller socks.

Ultimately I spent probably an entire hour just doing (and undoing) the base of the heel.
I do really love the colors though. I am gonna be relieved when I am through with these. I won’t let myself start anything new until they are done.


December Goals

I think it’s really important to set goals each month. So here are mine!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and tell me yours!

Crafting Goals

  1. Finish these socks
  2. Purchase the yarn for my husband’s hat, I am thinking of making this one, though obviously in less girly colors.
  3. Post at least 5 updates here related to crafting specifically.
Medical School
  1. Get an 85% or higher on all 6 exams between December 9th and December 13th: ECR, Histology, Physiology, Anatomy, Embryology, Genetics
  2. Go to Anatomy labs prepared for the remainder of December
  3. Enjoy a few days medical school free of my winter break (before I have to begin prepping for the exams we have the week we return)

Fitness & Health Goals

  1. Workout 5 days a week starting today, December 5th
  2. Drink Shakeology 5 days a week
  3. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night
  4. Reduce candy intake to no more than 720 calories a week (or roughly 120 calories a day, for 6 days)
  5. Post at least 21 updates to my health and fitness blog.
  1. Read a particular book that I promised my husband I would read
  2. Set up another meeting with our schools counselor (ie – try to regain my sanity)
  3. Help my husband finish his last three PhD applications
  4. Smile a LOT!

What are your goals for December? Share them here or link me to your blog!