Heels are Overrated

Heels are Overrated

Hard to believe that I have literally watched an entire season of 24 in the past ten days or so. That’s a little much. I know. What is sad is that I only completed about 3-4 inches of the socks I am knitting. I’m really glad I decided to do this two socks at once thing. Or I never would have finished the second one.

20111230-020226.jpgAs you can see, the heel is a bit big too be honest… Which is rather unfortunate because a smaller heel would certainly have shortened the time a bit. I actually ended up having to do the heel a number of times before figuring out a way to do it successfully. The author of the pattern also provided a modification PDF to describe how to make them smaller. But I think her directions for the heel were a bit lacking. She pretty much told you to change only the first row of the heel and otherwise to follow the remainder of the pattern exactly. But first of all, this leaves you with a lopsided heel so I had to improvise a wee bit. And I made sure to have 21 stitches after the heel as written in the pattern but I think that should have been modified as well for smaller socks.

Ultimately I spent probably an entire hour just doing (and undoing) the base of the heel.
I do really love the colors though. I am gonna be relieved when I am through with these. I won’t let myself start anything new until they are done.


The Teddy Bear Blanket: Both a Crochet and Knit pattern!

so my brother in law is having a baby boy in August – and I wanted to make him and his new family a blanket. I started with a crochet pattern, because, quite frankly, I am INFINITELY better and faster at crocheting than I am at knitting.

So I found this pattern – and I made the following square

The problem is, that at certain angles you can tell there is a teddy bear, but for the most part, he is hardly visible. I was rather disappointed actually. So despite the fact that this measures about 12″ x 12″ and took me only an hour to whip out – I decided to find a new pattern.

That is when I came across this one. This teddy bear baby blanket is actually knitted. Which is a much slower process for me. And each square is about 7 1/2″ x 7″ – and each ones takes me more like 2 hours. which, to be honest – is a very slow process. However, it is absolutely adorable.

For some reason, the colors are really weird. The top bear is the same color as the blue in the above crochet’d square. and the bottom bear is actually a bright teal color.

I am really happy with where it is going. I am doing it slightly different than the pattern, because the pattern called for circular needles, and my circular needles are pre-occupied. So instead I am knitting it in verticle strips. I think 4 by 4 bears. and then I will sew them together and crochet a border.

Did you have a blanket or stuffed animal that was a favorite as a child? Do you still have it?

Mine was a cloth doll named Lyndsay – I still own her – in fact as a kid I took her everywhere and the legs came unsewn. I hadn’t really thought of her in years…  but about a year ago my mom actually got her fixed and gave her back to me. cool… yes?

Knitting 2 socks at the same time!

I am learning to knit two socks at the same time on 2 sets of circular needles size 1.

  • First, I have never knitted a sock on circular needles.
  • Second, I have never knitted two socks at the same time
  • Third, I have never knitted ANYTHING on size 1 needles – they are SO small
I am very excited about this project! Here is what they yarn looks like – I really love the colors. It is a mix of purples and blues and even a few streaks of white and maroon

As of right now – I have only one row knitted – it took me a big to get things correctly casted on so that everything lined up like it is in the video, but now I have it! I am really looking forward to trying more tonight. The end where my cast-ons were split (ie not the side with the yarn) are a little loose – I am hoping I can tighten it up in a row or two – or I might have to start over.

To learn this technique – I searched the internet/ for helpful videos. You know, everything I know about crochet I learned from the internet, and a huge bit of that I learned from youtube. As knitting is more popular than crochet, it surprises me how few useful videos there are on knitting. Or maybe it is because there are so many more videos of knitting you have to sort through a lot of crap. It took me a bit to find this video – so I definitely want to share it with people interested in learning this technique!
Wish me luck!~

Have you ever knitted socks? Which ones are your favorite? share your patterns, pictures, blog posts here!

Return of the Jedi – err return of the Ashley

yes – it has been over a month since I have written here. Not really sure why. I think of things to write – and then – just don’t write them. And that really isn’t good for anybody. I have been really busy – with family in town for a week and a week on a cruise ship – And I spent a lot of time writing 22 articles in my fitness blog last month – but that doesn’t justify a month’s absence. nothing does. I would like to thank my friend Jackie – because she commented on several of my posts last week including Five For Friday and my Headband post which sent me an email and reminded me – hey YOU HAVE A BLOG. 

So here I am – starting again.

As an aside – I finally purchased a little 2 dollar notebook so that I can write to-do lists and jot down things like blog ideas as I think of them in addition to quick scheduling notes and plans. Some day I really want an ipad or ipod touch that I can carry in my purse to serve the same purpose (and more obviously) but I cant yet justify the price – particularly since i really want the ipad and it is just way too expensive.

So in the mean time here is my little notebook

Isn’t it cute? as you can see – it is smaller than the height of a standard pen and probably about 3.5 inches wide. I tend to carry pretty big purses but it is nice to have something that will fit in my relatively smaller pink purse that I love so much.

Anyways – please check back – I have decided that one of June goals is to write in this blog 15 times in the month of June so check back and if you are on twitter – hold me to it! @Ashleysh22

I think I might even try my hand at a few political posts. Meghan McCain is my current favorite political blogger. Have you read any of her stuff?

How do you keep track of your to-do items? Do you make a list? hand write? type? phone? computer?

Just Another Five Lists for Friday

Let me start by saying, Thank G-d it is FRIDAY! This week seems to have been painfully long. Very very busy and yet I haven’t finished so many things. In any case– it’s time for another five categories of five things to summarize my week. 

5 Upcoming Blog Posts

  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST – a video tutorial on how to crochet a ripple stitch – ie a zigzag afghan (though I am modeling by making a zigzag wash cloth)
  2. How to cut your pattern from your fabric
  3. How to sew a zipper into your skirt
  4. How to crochet an “x marks the spot” wash cloth
  5. Summary of the Passover Seder
5 Things that “Worked” this Week
  1. Lots and lots of cooking – including a phenomenal flour-less chocolate cake, brisket, matzoh ball soup, haroset, potato kugel, mashed potatos, taco meat, and popovers.
  2. Hosting a seder for 11 people in total – super fun!
  3. My first guest post on my fitness blog
  4. My first use of an iron at home – and my first purchase of an iron!
  5. Completion of Stimulant Paper 1 at work
5 Things that did NOT “Work” this Week
  1. Getting my lining cut and sewn before sewing class yesterday
  2. Getting a video filmed for the ripple stitch
  3. Getting caught up at work
  4. Getting enough sleep (ie, 7+ hours a night)
  5. Getting my workouts done in the morning – I have done all my workouts, but I have not been getting up to do them
5 Posts you May have Missed
  1. My new workout routine – HERE
  2. Keeping my hair healthy while washing it everyday – HERE
  3. My guest post – preparing to run a 10k – HERE
  4. Two days into my workout routine – HERE
  5. Blue Lagoon Spa Clothes  – HERE
5 Things to do This Weekend (other than blog)
  1. Take my little brother to test drive cars
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Play at least 4 hours of RIFT
  4. Watch the last episode of Glee – season one
  5. Catch up emails to people I coach

Thanks for stopping by – LEAVE ME A COMMENT!

What is your number 1 goal or most exciting event this weekend?

Monday Check In – New Posts and the Week to Come

Good morning friends and followers,


  • First blogging priority this week is to get my entry on the “ripple stitch” done for Miss Jackie, as requested last Friday on my blog. I actually have the entire entry written and just need to record the video tutorial. Hoping to get it done tonight, but it might not get done till wednesday. I still have more last minute cleaning and cooking and organizing to do for the big seder tomorrow night, which will surely occupy all of my time tomorrow night. I think Passover should be a federal holiday to get us all out of work.
  • Also coming up – a pattern used to make my “x-marks the spot” wash clothes I have made
  • An update on my skirt – also requires me to complete the cutting and sewing of the lining BEFORE my sewing class on Thursday

What’s left for seder –

  • Bake the chocolate “cake” – which is more like chocolate goo since there is no bread on passover.
  • Make mashed potatos
  • Make hard boiled eggs
  • Find a shank bone
  • Layout sleeping bags and blankets
  • Clear off our side stands (beside bed and couch) to be used as side tables throughout seder
  • Bake potato kugel thingy for Aaron (and seder)
  • Send out reminder email with address and time to our 9 guests 🙂
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Clean bathroom
  • Dust living room
  • Get box of non-kosher foods to Anna

What are your biggest goals and priorities this week?

Blue Lagoon Spa Clothes – Crochet For Donation

10 wash clothes into my wash clothes – and here I have two Blue Lagoon Spa Clothes 

Considering how incredibly quick and easy and nice looking these are, there may be another one or two of them before everything is said and done.

The pattern: uses only hdc and chains

The yarn: 

Blue ~ Village Yarn Caribbean Cotton (no color info on packaging)

Purple ~ Reynolds Saucy (no color info on packaging)

Yellow ~ Lily Sugar’n Cream (Color: Cream)

Hook size: G

If you want to make these yourself, the purple yarn was really nice to work with. I think the blue yarn is a little flimsy and it didn’t crochet up quite as well – as you can see in this picture.

That being said, this pattern, by Heather P, was very easy to follow and use. I believe that the very first step (chain 32 then hdc in 3rd chain from hook) might be off. In order to wind up with 31 stitches after hdc in 3rd chain from hook, you would have to chain 33. I extended mine longer; the purple one is 33 across and the blue one is 35 across (they come out to the same size – due to the blue being finer than the purple)

Otherwise – this pattern has great detail. I would highly recommend this pattern and perhaps anything by Heather P and look forward to perusing her blog for more patterns.

Ending today with a completely unrelated question – Do you crave sweet or salty things?