Winter Diamonds coming soon

I am still adjusting to working out everyday and getting back into cooking (which is really required for healthier lifestyle) and thus have not quite figured out how to fit everything into my life. Below are pictures of all three scarves I made for donation back a few weeks ago.

The first, you may have seen, is my Holy-Bee Scarf.

The second is a slight variation on the Holy-Bee-Scarf. The difference being that, as I was doing this from memory, I forgot about Row 5. I really like the purple in this one, though unfortunately the purple looks really dark in this picture.

And finally, my favorite of the three, this is my “Winter Diamonds” scarf. I will be posting a pattern (and more pictures) for this scarf in ravelry soon. The pattern includes detailed pictures describing how to change colors and hide the yarn so that both sides of the scarf stay pretty. Unfortunately, as the yarn was donated, I do not know exactly what color/brand of yarn I used. But any worsted weight yarn would do the trick.