Heels are Overrated

Heels are Overrated

Hard to believe that I have literally watched an entire season of 24 in the past ten days or so. That’s a little much. I know. What is sad is that I only completed about 3-4 inches of the socks I am knitting. I’m really glad I decided to do this two socks at once thing. Or I never would have finished the second one.

20111230-020226.jpgAs you can see, the heel is a bit big too be honest… Which is rather unfortunate because a smaller heel would certainly have shortened the time a bit. I actually ended up having to do the heel a number of times before figuring out a way to do it successfully. The author of the pattern also provided a modification PDF to describe how to make them smaller. But I think her directions for the heel were a bit lacking. She pretty much told you to change only the first row of the heel and otherwise to follow the remainder of the pattern exactly. But first of all, this leaves you with a lopsided heel so I had to improvise a wee bit. And I made sure to have 21 stitches after the heel as written in the pattern but I think that should have been modified as well for smaller socks.

Ultimately I spent probably an entire hour just doing (and undoing) the base of the heel.
I do really love the colors though. I am gonna be relieved when I am through with these. I won’t let myself start anything new until they are done.

Update on Knitting Two Socks at the Same Time

A long long time ago, I began some really awesome socks with some really pretty yarn.

I even posted a picture of the yarn and found a video about how to knit two socks at the same time.

But it took me quite a few tries to really figure out the technique and thus I had to keep restarting them. And then I found I got into med school, and there was finishing up my job, moving, traveling, etc and they got kind of lost for awhile. Not to mention I started that baby blanket for my nephew and that had to take priority in what little knitting time I did have.

So after months of no progress – I began again. I relearned the technique and got a serious start on the project. My socks are just over 1.5 inches, I have completed the cuffs, and officially done one row of the actual sock pattern (you will have to stay tuned for further updates to actual see the pattern of the body of the socks).

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What do you think? Have you ever knitted socks? What was your favorite pair?

If you are looking to learn, make sure to browse youtube, they have all kinds of helpful videos on how to knit. I would suggest you start with a scarf though, rather than socks. And feel free to ask me questions along the way if you get stuck!

Back to the Future

–I want to get back into blogging.–

I was talking to a classmate the other day, about how I USED to be a blogger. I used to blog about crafts and exercise, but since med school started, I hardly craft or exercise, so I have mostly quit blogging.

I had a really rough start here, to be totally honest. I wasn’t prepared for the academic load and I couldnt quite get into adequate study habits. I was slow to reach out for help and my academic performance was really taking a toll on my emotional status, which in turn further damaged my academic performance. But I think, for the first time, I am finally getting back on track.

I dyed and cut my hair and have refocused my thoughts into positive energy. I found a professor who is also NOT a visual learner who was extremely enthusiastic and determined to help me succeed in both Anatomy and Histology, the two courses I am currently struggling with the most. And? I am getting back into both crafts and exercise. And I am asking YOUR help to do them!

–Join Me in My Exercises–

I am starting an exclusive exercise group to begin after Thanksgiving. For 30 days, we are gonna take control of our lives through healthy eating and exercise. My only rules are you must commit to following your exercise program, and you must drink shakeology every day. Leave me a comment or visit my exercise blog if you want more information! The first five people to be officially enrolled get to join MY group. I hope you join me!

–As for crafting?–

I finally finished the baby blanket I was working on for my nephew that was born in August. Isn’t he adorable?

And I have pulled back out the yarn to make these two socks at the same time (I had to start it over because the socks were way too large, luckily the pattern had adjustments for small feet) and I am crocheting a hat for my cousins friend.

It’s about time I get back to my future.

If you were gonna make a change for the better, what would it be?

The Teddy Bear Blanket: Both a Crochet and Knit pattern!

so my brother in law is having a baby boy in August – and I wanted to make him and his new family a blanket. I started with a crochet pattern, because, quite frankly, I am INFINITELY better and faster at crocheting than I am at knitting.

So I found this pattern – and I made the following square

The problem is, that at certain angles you can tell there is a teddy bear, but for the most part, he is hardly visible. I was rather disappointed actually. So despite the fact that this measures about 12″ x 12″ and took me only an hour to whip out – I decided to find a new pattern.

That is when I came across this one. This teddy bear baby blanket is actually knitted. Which is a much slower process for me. And each square is about 7 1/2″ x 7″ – and each ones takes me more like 2 hours. which, to be honest – is a very slow process. However, it is absolutely adorable.

For some reason, the colors are really weird. The top bear is the same color as the blue in the above crochet’d square. and the bottom bear is actually a bright teal color.

I am really happy with where it is going. I am doing it slightly different than the pattern, because the pattern called for circular needles, and my circular needles are pre-occupied. So instead I am knitting it in verticle strips. I think 4 by 4 bears. and then I will sew them together and crochet a border.

Did you have a blanket or stuffed animal that was a favorite as a child? Do you still have it?

Mine was a cloth doll named Lyndsay – I still own her – in fact as a kid I took her everywhere and the legs came unsewn. I hadn’t really thought of her in years…  but about a year ago my mom actually got her fixed and gave her back to me. cool… yes?

Knitting 2 socks at the same time!

I am learning to knit two socks at the same time on 2 sets of circular needles size 1.

  • First, I have never knitted a sock on circular needles.
  • Second, I have never knitted two socks at the same time
  • Third, I have never knitted ANYTHING on size 1 needles – they are SO small
I am very excited about this project! Here is what they yarn looks like – I really love the colors. It is a mix of purples and blues and even a few streaks of white and maroon

As of right now – I have only one row knitted – it took me a big to get things correctly casted on so that everything lined up like it is in the video, but now I have it! I am really looking forward to trying more tonight. The end where my cast-ons were split (ie not the side with the yarn) are a little loose – I am hoping I can tighten it up in a row or two – or I might have to start over.

To learn this technique – I searched the internet/ for helpful videos. You know, everything I know about crochet I learned from the internet, and a huge bit of that I learned from youtube. As knitting is more popular than crochet, it surprises me how few useful videos there are on knitting. Or maybe it is because there are so many more videos of knitting you have to sort through a lot of crap. It took me a bit to find this video – so I definitely want to share it with people interested in learning this technique!
Wish me luck!~

Have you ever knitted socks? Which ones are your favorite? share your patterns, pictures, blog posts here!

More Wash Clothes Knitted for Donation

So here we go again – I am now up to 7 completed wash clothes. I have the four from this post as well as the two here. Additionally I have 1 of these done and 1 in progress, but as I am using the same pattern for both, I will wait till they are both finished to showcase them. So here are the two newest knitted wash clothes.

To be honest, I am not really in love with either one. The purple and pink one looked FANTASTIC before I added the border. But the problem is that I am knew to knitting and really incapable of predicting how wide it will be till I get an inch or two into the pattern. Thus the pink and purple one turned out WAY too small. Rather than start over, I though I would just keep going and add a border at the end. Only, I think the border kinda ruined it. The pink and purple pattern is also from my Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques book . The name of this stitch is called “Dotted Ladders” and like many of the other wash clothes I have made from this book, uses a series of *Slip 1 with yarn in back* and *slip 1 with yarn in front*.

Here is the pattern up close

See how nice the inner part looks? I actually may do another one of these if (when) I get more yarn.

The border is just a simple double crochet stitch, two rows of it with three dc in each corner. On the long sides I alternated between dc and chain 1, effectively skipping every other stitch. This was easier because of the way the edging came together, but in retrospect, I think that is what makes it look so odd, with solid dc on top and bottom and alternating with holes on the sides.

The other wash cloth (the blue one) was intended to have a heart shape inside of it. I was designing it off of the leaf wash cloth I made, but it wasn’t working out quite right and … well… then… I discovered Glee. And I simply couldnt watch it and knit at the same time if I was so focused on doing and undoing a made up pattern, that I decided to just go with alternating knit and purl on each row to make the ribs. on the edges of the blue though, I just knitted both sides, to try and make a border. and then decided to single crochet a pink border around it to bring it together. It’s okay, but I like all the ones from my first post better.

Help me with new directions. What is your favorite color combination? (two or three colors?)

Arts and Crafts for Donation

One of my good friends, Jess, is an absolute genius. – She has created a space for us to auction off arts and craft pieces, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Jess was inspired by an online bake sale for disaster relief in Japan where they raised over $3700 for this in just 2 days of bidding.

The idea here is that we can have a craft/homemade online sale. People donate their own crafted/homemade items and then we start a bidding for each item at a certain amount and let people bid on them and then all the proceeds go to a charity of our choosing (well probably a charity of Jess’s choosing since she it was her idea, but I promise she always supports good groups).

Anyways, although it wouldnt be till the fall you might have to start making things this summer and we just want a feel for how many people would participate. I know a lot of crafty type people stumble across this blog so I want to make sure to catch your attention!

You can paint, knit, draw, make pottery, sew whatever you want to contribute.

If you are interested in donating ITEMS – please do three things:

1. Like our facebook page – this is where the actual auction will take place. We will also post updates concerning times and charities.
2. Post on the facebook page how many items, and of what variety you would like to contribute. You will have to determine shipping costs and a starting bid, but that can come later.
3. Share the facebook page on your wall to get your friends and family involved!

If you are interested in bidding– please do two things:

1. Like our facebook page so that you can keep up with announcements and make sure to get your bids in

2. Share the facebook page on your wall to get your friends and family involved!