Fitness and Exercise

I want to share with you my knowledge about muscle groups as it pertains to exercise and various fitness programs and ideas to help you reach your fitness goals. Make sure you come back to visit as I add more articles here frequently!

Please feel free to leave me your specific fitness goals, so that I can help you find a plan that works to fit your needs.

Additional healthy tips can always be found on my facebook page, “Coach Ashleysh22.”

yoga Choosing a fitness program that is right for you

Everybody needs some kind of fitness program or sport or activity to get their bodies healthy both internally and externally. Beachbody offers a wide variety of options from cardio kickboxing, to yoga, to strength training. Here you will find the best selling Beachbody Fitness Programs and a brief description of each routine. I chose Turbo Fire – What will you choose?

Turbo Fire: 30 days of 140 down, and already I am looking and feeling great!

This cardio kickboxing program includes toning, sculpting, and core strength training videos to really help you target your muscles used in the cardio workouts. The program itself is geared towards people of all fitness levels, which was perfect for me since I went from working out once a week or less to workout 6 days a week.

After just 30 days, I have lost 6.5 pounds, 2 inches in my chest, and 1 inch in my waist. and honestly? I LOVE the physical act of working out. Everyday, I look forward to coming out and getting to do this program. Read More…

anatomy,body parts,bones,celebrations,cropped images,cropped pictures,Halloween,healthcare,holidays,medicine,PNG,skeletons,special occasions,transparent background Osteoporosis: A disease of the bone that effects almost 50% of American Women

Osteoporosis disproportionally effects women in the United States, particularly white woman. Here you will find a description of the disease, recommended daily calcium and exercise by age, as well as the risk factors associate with osteoporosis. Read More…

Do you realize that taking the stairs can greatly improve your life?

Improving your life has never been easier. Take the stairs and let me show you how much simple blood flow can increase your energy! Make this lifestyle change, burn calories and be healthy! Read More…

Stand up straight because bad posture can impact the rest of your life

Having good posture helps align all of our bones and joins in the correct alignment. This alignment allows for more efficient use of our muscles, which decreases energy required by the body and allows for proper use of muscles. Poor posture increases stress of the ligaments that are holding the joints of the spine together. Thus good posture is essential when working out to ensure proper development and use of muscles.  Read More…

This work out really emphasizes leg strength and tones your TUSHY!How much does it cost? What does it provide? What can it DO for you? Let’s learn about it together! I received this beachbody fitness program recently, and must say, it is extremely difficult. Perhaps it is because I really lack balance and leg muscles, but honestly, I REALLY struggle with these quick series of kicks, lunges, squats, and strange exercises I had never heard of. I must say, totally worth the money. Read More…
athletes,females,judo,karate,kick boxing,leisure,martial arts,people,persons,sports,women Turbo Fire is my personal training program: Hear what I have to say after just three weeks

For roughly $0.86 a day, I highly recommend this workout program.

I can honestly say that I don’t remember the last time I have felt this healthy. Having always fought some major stomach issues, I was surprised to find that consistent workout has not only increased my overall energy, but has genuinely made my days smoother with a drastic decrease in my stomach problems. Working out from home is truly a great improvement to my overall lifestyle. I really like Turbo Fire as it keeps me running back for more! Stay tuned for those 30 days measurements and pictures next weekend! Read More…

The quadriceps are important to the safety of your knees

The quadriceps are essential for the everyday activities of walking and taking the stairs. When the quadriceps are not carefully cared for, pain in the knees can develop. Use these solutions to protect your quadriceps and help protect your knees! Read More…

Do you know what your rotator cuffs are and how to care for them?

The rotator cuff refers to four muscles that are necessary for rotation of the shoulder. If not adequately protected, damage to the rotator cuffs can occur, resulting in pain and/or arthritis and may require surgery. Proper stretching and other prevention techniques can be used to prevent tears to the rotator cuff.  Read More…


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