Here are some quick great recipes for you to try!

Pumpkin MuffinsThis pumpkin recipe only uses two ingredients! One of them is a can of solid pack pumpkin. Only 121 calories if you make 18 pumpkin muffins. Get Recipe… 

Spicy Tomato SauceThis is my own recipe – I apologize that I do not know the exact measurements for the spices. I do however know what I put in the pot. And it was delicious. I hope you enjoy this rather tasty spicy tomato sauce recipe! Get Recipe…

Crockpot Chicken TacosCrockpot’s make for the easiest simplest recipes and this crockpot chicken taco recipe by Martha Stewart is no exception. But be assured – add in a bit of El Pinto’s Salsa and/or El Pinto’s Chili Sauce and you will take this recipe to a whole new level of delicious freshness! Get Recipe…

Thai Iced Coffee PopsiclesHow about a refreshing summer recipe? This time I have a recipe to make Thai Iced Coffee Popsicles. Hope you like them! Get Recipe…

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