Pretty crochet “Phannie” hat

The Phannie 

Crochet pattern available from ravelry

One of my closest friends made this hat but it was too small for her so she gave it to me. I do have a child’s size head after all. Anyways, now that it is cold and I am way too lazy to take the time and blow dry my hair, it is really great to have such a beautiful hat that I can just toss all my hair up into. Isn’t it pretty?


I never knew just how great slouchy hats were. And the color is perfect for brightening the chilly Chicago days 🙂

Thanks Jess!  


Crochet Flower HeadBand

Did you check out my April pattern of the month? This month I featured a flower headband. And this past weekend, I decided to make one.

First – let me start by saying that I either have the world’s smallest head, or the other of this pattern used some pretty hefty worsted yarn, because I had to do step 1 (ie making the headband) three times before I could make it fit my head.

I went with a brown headband, you know, just the cheap stuff. I used supersaver yarn to crochet this headband. Although the pattern calls for 140 stitches broken into a three part series – 30-80-30. I adjusted the pattern to fit my head by doing 96 stitches (chaining 97) with the three part series – 18 – 60-18. And what a lovely headband it made:

I think may whip up another one of these without the flower, simply because I really like the way the headband looks just like this.

Next – onto the flower. The flower pattern was perfect. Interesting that using the same yarn and hook that crocheting the flower as written came out to roughly the same size as the one in the photo. Mine might even be a little bigger! Keep in mind that when she says skip 2 dc on round three – she actually means skip 3 dc.

The entire thing took me under 30 minutes to make. It is super easy. and I LOVE it. I may need to make it in every color of the rainbow. lol.

I did insert a button whole at the end of row two of the headband. To do this, simply crochet to end of row 2 as described in the pattern, chain 4 (0r 5 – depending on the size of your button, yarn, and hook) and then slip stitch into the first 2 stitches of row 1. Then single crochet through each of the stitches you just made all the way around back to the start of row two and follow the directions for row 3.

I don’t actually own any buttons yet, so mine is currently held together with a paper clip. but it works 🙂 I wore it to the movies on Sunday.

I even made my first video tutorial to show you how to sew the flower into the headband!

If you make one, send me a picture at or leave a link to your blog in the comments. I’d love to see it!

Crochet Baby Dress and Shoes

My coworker is having a baby girl in just a few weeks. And last week we threw her a baby shower at work (a lunch potluck). I had finished the dress, but I hadnt tied in any of the ends or crocheted the matching shoes or diaper cover (ie baby underwear) yet, so I elected to show her the dress but then take it home to finish.

I have now crocheted all the pieces, and hope to get the ends tied in tonight. but in the meantime, I thought I would share my progress

The Baby Girl Sleeper Set

As always, I found the pattern on ravelry, and it is available for free here, along with other baby clothes patterns.

To be honest, I think the pattern is pretty poorly written. First, I think it is always important to write the number of stitches you should expect to have at the completion of each row or section. While the pattern does contain these for the dress and shoes, it is missing for the diaper cover, which is where I think it would be most useful.

Second, I made the top (purple) section of the dress three times and cannot figure out how you would wind up with 20 shells for the dress part. The second time, I forced 20 shells, but then the dress looked kinda lopsided and like it was designed for a very fat baby. So I stuck with 19 shells. *Note: if you are going to want it to be a DRESS – you have to make it longer than the pattern implies. mine totals 12.5 inches

Third, the fact that there is no picture with the pattern is always a frustration to me. Of course, there are lots of pictures uploaded on ravelry, but exactly what this intended to look like is unclear as many of the projects on ravelry differ, particularly where the purple top meets with white shells on the dress.

Overall, I am pleased with the results, but if I have the time, I intend to re-write the pattern.

Time: Dress – about 2.5 hours, shoes – 30 minutes, Diaper cover – 1 hour

Because I LOVE baby shoes – here is a close up of the shoes 🙂