The first time I successfully completed 30 days of a fitness program

Today was a really big deal for me. For the first time in my life, I selected and stuck with a regular fitness program. My workouts have always been very sporadic. Since middle school, the only remotely “athletic” activities I participated in were ultimate frisbee and marching band, with the occasional snowboarding trip 2-3 times a year. Mostly, I was weak and scrawny and unhealthy. And college was worse, as I quite literally put on roughly 40 pounds in my first semester of college. But my senior year and into graduate school I started playing with fitness, usually working out regularly for a week, falling off the wagon and getting back on a few weeks later, then doing essentially nothing for a month or two until I felt guilty and tried again.

But this was different, I went from working out once a week or less to working out 6 days a week. And all because I fell in love with a fitness program I could do from my own home, providing me with no excuse, such as its cold outside or it takes to much time to get to the gym… etc.

And I must say, it has paid off. Although the program, Turbo Fire, is $120 dollars, it comes with 20 weeks of workouts, roughly 120 days, and thus is only about 1 dollar a day.

and for the first time, I feel truly accomplished with regards to my own personal health and fitness.

To see the zero and thirty day pictures, as well as the change in measurements (lost 1 inch in my waist and 2 in my chest!) you can go here.

Let me know if you want to find an at home fitness program that works for you, your time commitment, your space, your personal interests… honestly for YOU. cause this has been the most amazing incredible 30 day journey of my life (with the exception of a 30 day trip around the world I got to take my family a few years back).


New Year Resolutions and Getting Fit!

Before I go to bed tonight.

Today I got to spend time with a friend here in chicago that I hadn’t seen in over a month. so that was fun. but the attempt at dying my hair blonde out of a box failed miserable. which means i will probably have to bleach my hair if i really want it blonde and I just do not know if I am that motivated. (or willing to fry my hair like that). But it was nice to hang out with that friend of mine. I get lonely here in Chicago. Before I go to bed tonight, I just wanted to share this with you. and I promise, I will not make a habit of this, but the deal is up in 6 days!

Dont forget to post your new year resolutions in my comments! I would LOVE to see them!

Was your new year resolution to get fit? It makes me sad to see so many people in the gym right after the new year, only to see the numbers drop back to “normal” within a few weeks. I really honestly care that you meet your fitness goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help you find the right fitness program for you and your lifestyle.

Complement your cardio (I do Turbo Fire) with some resistance training!

I want to share with all of my friends and loyal readers, the following fitness program. I hope that you all choose some kind of fitness, whatever that might be, but this program is 30 dollars off through January 31st, DONT MISS OUT!

The program, at 89.95 comes with 90 DAYS worth of workouts. which averages out to only about a dollar a day. one dollar. that is all that it takes to get your body into shape. But hear it from the people who have done it and see their real results by following this link. And then make your own decisions.

And just think, for that 1 dollar a day, you don’t have to go to the gym or leave your home, you have workouts everyday for 90 days AND at the end you can repeat the entire program at high intensity and further increase the value of each dollar! Watch a video and READ MORE HERE!