Don’t Miss Last Week’s Fitness Posts!

I haven’t been around here much. And for that I apologize. I do hope to get some more knitting done. But it always seems to get pushed aside for something else (studying, sleeping, eating, reading, exercising etc). Needless to say – I have put my exercise, and thus my exercise blog, on a higher priority these days. Here are my posts from the last seven days!

March 2nd – Crossfit and Insanity? Danger Will Robinson!

Woke up this morning and could hardly move. kept crawling back in bed. I am SO incredibly sore. Which of course, means that I had quite a successful workout yesterday.
Last time crossfit training at the gym was hard but was pretty much all strength training, so when my hubby asked me to do Insanity with him yesterday, before crossfit, I of course agreed.


March 3rd – What does your dream body look like? Crossfit trainer Amanda Welliver

ith my recent obsession with Body Pump and Crossfit – I have “liked” both of their facebook pages and that is where I came across this photo. This women had a baby 10 months ago? Are you for REAL? I am thoroughly impressed.

My goal is to look HALF as good as her this time next year. I want all that muscle too!


March 4th – Starting on a Journey with Les Mills Pump

Have you seen the movie Anastasia?
The kids version I mean. Random, but when I started writing this journal entry, a song from that movie jumped into my head:
We were strangers, startin out on a journey
Never dreamin’ what we’d have to go through
Now here we are, and Im suddenly standin’
At the beginning with you
Anyways – doesn’t have much to do with workouts – but I am indeed starting out on a journey with a new workout program. One I had literally been counting down the days to its arrival. 


March 5th – Reviewing My February Goals and Looking Ahead to March!

Back on February 2nd, I wrote down a series of goals that I hoped to accomplish the in the month of February. Some of them were done easily, others still have some room to improve. But either way, I did make steps towards all of these changes and am quite satisfied with where I am today.
I split my goals into two categories: Nutrition & Exercise.


March 6th – My Back Feels Sunburned – What is YOUR Solution to Sore Muscles?

I think I may have overdone it a bit these past few days. I did crossfit last thursday which included several hundred push-ups, Body Pump Video on Saturday, which is all weight lifting, Ab Video and Body Combat on Sunday, which turned out to be a lot of upper body strength, and THEN last night I did ANOTHER Body Pump class, again all weight lifting. By the time I left class last night my entire upper back was tight.


March 7th – Wordless Wednesday: Born to Run


March 8th – My version of a Greek salad with an Italian twist

Last Sunday I went to an AMWA event (American Medical Women’s Association). It was a really nice dinner at a local restaurant here where I got to interact with a few fourth years, a doctor, and of course a few other girls from my own class. It was quite the event.
One of the things they served was a salad which was finely chopped and included lettuce, feta, chick peas, onions, and who knows what else. But it was positively delicious and inspired me to get back into making my own salads.


I hope you enjoy! Keep checking back – I only have about two inches of these socks left to do – so if all goes well there might be another crafty post for you in the next week or two!


Tuesday Challenge – Can you fit in 50 push ups today?

Today I woke up at 5:15 am. I turned on the oven, washed the kitchen counters, put away dishes, and made a potato kugel. As soon as it was in the oven, I started my Insanity workout. LOVE it. It’s one of those workouts that seriously works every muscle in my body. I can’t do it all the way through without taking breaks. That is my goal this month. To be able to do the Pure Cardio video non-stop by the end of this month. Hey – I would be happy if I can do it non-stop, even if I am doing it at a slower speed. It’s epic 🙂

What a morning – now I am ready for work, Shakeology for breakfast, and a great start to an amazing day. I mixed my Shakeology with strawberries and lemon juice, ice and water this morning. It’s positively delicious.

I have such high hopes for the seder tonight. I love hosting things. I love the cooking and heck, I even kinda like the cleaning that goes along with hosting big dinners. Our tally is currently 11 yes, with 1 maybe. It’s gonna be a blast.

I have a challenge for you, my readers, today. I want you to do 50 push ups. No, you do not have to do them all at once, in fact, you can do 4 now, 8 later, 2 after that. No problem. You can even do all of them on your knees. But can you reach 50 throughout the course of the day? Tally em up and let me know how you did!

I wish you luck!

Are you a morning or a night person? ~ I am SO a morning person.

Life and Other Luxuries – Medical School and fitness Adventures

Good evening loyal followers,

A bit late in the evening for me to be posting a daily post, but it has been quite a whirlwind of events. Last Tuesday I received an email to interview at Rosalind Franklin University (aka Chicago Medical School) and today I had that interview. There were many mock interviews to be had with faculty and staff at the University of Chicago where I work and current residents that had graduated from CMS. but I think all the prep work paid off because I was quite pleased with my experience today. I think both my interviews went well, and I really liked the people that I interviewed with. I really enjoyed my tour of the campus and all my time spent with medical students. I really like the school and the program and, of course, the location. We were told we will know by May 1st. So here’s to hoping.

On other notes, I finished my 90 day workout program. And am quite pleased with the results. I was able to lose about 7 pounds and 7 inches overall throughout the body which was great. I am really excited to start a new program next week called Brazil Butt Lifts, you know, to really get toned for the summer. This program has two different 30 day series. So it is shorter, but equally challenging. I have previewed some of the videos, and as of now, do NOT have the length strength to keep up. I am really excited for the challenge. I also took the time to write out my April goals here and am really excited for what April will bring.

In the meantime, this next week is really about me getting some rest and enjoying some of those tasty delights I denied myself throughout my 90 day program. I am having crock pot mac-n-cheese tomorrow and fried chicken on Wednesday. Then I will get back to eating healthier in preperation for my next 30 day program. For this week I am doing the Cardio Recovery video as a daily workout. This video comes from my husband’s Insanity workout program. He is starting his second 30 day chunk of the 60 day program this week. I wish him the best of luck! I am certain he will rock it.

I hope everyone had a great monday!


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A summary of arts and crafts for January 2011


In the month of January I completed the following projects:

  • Three scarves for donation
  • A hat for my husband
  • A scarf for my cousin

and I started (or worked on) the following projects

  • Red comforter for a single size bed – approximately 60% complete
  • Baby blanket for donation – approximately 80% complete
  • Scarf for my maid of honor dress at my best friend’s wedding – just barely started
  • Pair of socks – 1 done – 1 to go
  • Challah cover – sewed the wrong way – needs to be torn out and done again – but otherwise complete


Movies I saw for the first time in January 2011

  • Dispicable Me – cute, but not nearly as cute as I had expected – eh
  • Wall-E – wow! I was seriously set against this movie with its lack of conversation and my short attention span but I must say… I give it two thumbs up!
  • Slumdog Millionaire – this was an extremely sad movie, and a bit too jumpy for my taste
  • No Strings Attached – I really liked this movie! Good amounts of humour and romance and unlike most chick flicks, the movie recognizes that the girl is NOT always right.
  • The A Team – this was your typical shoot em up kind of movie. it was fun.
  • The Mechanic – like every Jason Statham movie, I liked it 🙂
  • Funny People – eh – this had a lot of funny people in it but it really was more screwed up than funny – dislike button selected
  • The Bicentennial Man – seriously? well… I definately do NOT have the attention span for this movie
  • The Invention of Lying – really enjoyed this one. silly but fun.


In January 2011, I wrote 15 articles at and 19 items here at Here are the 19 articles written here at cleverknots. The month of February needs a greater emphasis on health and fitness and a slightly larger percentage of crafts. I am going for a 1:1:1.5 ratio for the month of February, the latter being for crafts.

Health and Fitness Crafts Other
Jan 07Too Good for you? – How to start out your day the nutritious way for just 4 dollars a day! Read More… Jan 04Color Coded – a description of a blue and orange scarf made for my cousin. Read More… Jan 06 – It’s about darn time – My January resolutions. Read More…
Jan 26New Year Resolutions and getting Fit – Muscle in necessary to help boost metabolism. This article mentions 1 type of resistance training to really help you get in shape. Read More… Jan 07Putting your crafts to good use – A description of the donation group; the Forefront Stitchers. Read More… Jan 09 – My Feet have seen better days – A discussion of blisters and welcoming advice on healing. Read More…
Jan 29 – A foundation for children with HIV and AIDS – The University of Chicago is raising money for  children with HIV and AIDS in the greater Chicago area. Read More… Jan 20Whirlwinds and Pretty Things – An update on my life, blogging, and crafts including three scarves made for donationRead More… Jan 10 – Weekend Adventures – Tales of crafting, reading, and learning about the beneficial effects of shakeology and children with down’s syndrome. Read More…
Jan 21Crazy Clever Crochet – This article describes and depicts some pretty wild crochet projects such as covering an entire car. Read More… Jan 12Books of 2010 – A list of the books I read in 2010. Read More…
Jan 24Winter Diamonds Coming Soon – An update on the three scarves I made for donation and a sneak peak at my new pattern Winter Diamonds. Read More… Jan 21 Thanks to Blog Frog – From a forum at the blogger community – blog frog – I got the idea to write out a weekly blogging schedule. Read More…
Jan 26Project Linus: Making donations easy – Project linus is an organization that collects blankets. Here is a quick and easy way to make blankets and start donating! Read More… Jan 24Weekly: Scheduling my upcoming posts – a list of all the entries I planned to write in my health and fitness blog. Read More…
Jan 30A “Delightful” hat knitted for my husband – This is a review of the pattern I used to knit my husband a nice warm winter hat. Read More… Jan 24Post a Day 2011 – An entry representing my official commitment to post every single day for the remainder of 2011. Read More…
Jan 26Sparkly Online Images – providing a sample and a link to online glittery images that are in the public domain. There are also other public free domain photos in the comments. Read More…
Jan 27 – Computers and Other Devices: how to decide what is worthwhile – a discussion of my thoughts on getting a new computer. Looking at different brands and requirements. Read More…