This is how medical school makes me feel

Saw this on pinterest this morning….

Just another big exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!


The Birds in Spring in Chicago

I know how the birds must be feeling, what they must be thinking.

The birds are waking up in the south and checking their calendars and say HURRAY! It is March 31st and it must be spring time. The birds look at each other and establish, yes, it is time to fly north to their spring/summer homes. So they gather their friends and family and take flight. The birds head to chicago.

The birds arrive in Chicago. They started arriving around the beginning of March (the early birds so to speak) and continue to arrive. But when the birds arrive in Chicago, they discover that it may be Spring, but it is certainly not spring weather. They quickly double check their calendars, yes, Spring begun on March 20th. But here in Chicago, it is still in the 20 and 30 degree weather.

And the birds, think, well shit.

Poor birdies

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