ERRANDS Ipad App Review – To Do Lists!

If I had to describe myself in a handful of words – To-Do Lists would definitely be on there. I make pretty much everything into spread sheets or to-do lists. I just love the way spreadsheets look and I love crossing things off of lists.

Today I found a lovely to-do list app for my ipad and I love it 🙂

It is FREE and it is called ERRANDS TO DO LIST- with currently over 1600 reviews and 4.5 stars, I certainly had to try it out.

On the left you can create folders, ie individual to-do lists by categories

This is my to-do list for my exam on March 26th – we have three subjects on that exam. And then – within each subject, I can list all the lectures, labs, to-dos for that subject that will be on this exam.

You can also set alarms, due dates, sort by dates, and many other interesting features.

So – now that I have wasted a good 15 minutes inputting lists through my next exam, along with a list of chores and other things to accomplish today specifically, I suppose I should start crossing things OFF the list ❤

Do you use to-do lists? Do you hand write them? Do you have an app of choice? Have you tried this one?

Hope everyone has a good day!


Blogging Apps Review for the iPad

BE write  
I recently downloaded BE write for the iPad as a blogging app, but it didn’t take me long to realize it pretty much drove me crazy. First of all, when you hand wrote anything, it was difficult to get the drawings to appear as images IN the text rather than behind or in front of text. Eventually I was able to correct the HTML, as seen in this entry, but it was way too complicated to do on a regular basis. Also, if you have more than one blog, as I myself do, (I primarily write in this one actually), you have to log out of one before logging into the other. AND BEwrite only allows you to type in portrait mode ( as oppossed to landscape) which seems really silly to me. 
However, BE write was not a total loss, as I really do enjoy being able to draw things out and save the drawings as individual images for inserting into entries, as seen in this entry. also, the support for this app is great, thus I definitely like the company that made the app.  
WordPress app  
This app provides very little quick buttons for HTML, and you cannot view blog entries in rich text as you write. The interface is rather boring and extremely basic.  
What I do like about this app though is that you can view, approve, and reply to comments. Since it is free, I download and use this app primarily for that purpose.  
I actually ended up not downloading this app, but strongly considered it. Blogtouch gets great reviews and is cheaper than blogsy, which I will discuss next. After my experience with BEwrite, I decided I wanted to contact blogtouch to find out more about it before purchase. I asked them about the rich text/HTML and the multiple blogs and received the following: 


“Apple with the release of iOS5 included some rich text functions, but they are very limited ie Bold, Italic, underline and and indent quote level, but it still doesn’t support all the other functions of rich text like colorizing text, inserting pictures, multi quote levels and many others, some apps appear to support rich text, but in reality, they don’t and still have to convert to HTML at publishing time.
We decided that at least at this moment in time that we would stick to HTML only as it get extremely complicated to do rich text/ HTML conversions via the iOS at the present time, we always wanted Blogtouch to be a rich text editor, and it may well still happen if Apple include more functionality in the future releases of iOS.”

They also mentioned that you can have more than one blog added at a time. After contacting a few users of Blogsy and Blogtouch, I was able to determine that Blogsy allows for many more rich text options and thus I downloaded it instead of blogtouch.
I recently downloaded blogsy and it is by far my favorite of these four blogging apps. My only complaint this far is the cost (4.99 seems rather expensive to this gal, personally). But I love it and it was well worth the cost.  First of all you can type the entire entry in rich text, including: bold, italics, numbers, bullets, indents, alignment (left, right, center) and font size, family, and color. 
Additionally there are undo/redo buttons that are quite useful. AND I can have more than one blog here, and view/edit all prior posts, pages and drafts from online ( something else you cannot do in BEwrite)
I think Blogsy’s claim to fame though is really their image services, which allow you to insert images from Picasso and other online sources and videos from YouTube. You can resize and realign images and videos directly in the rich text mode. 
I am a huge fan of Blogsy.
Hope you found this helpful!

I typed this whole entry using blogsy

Do you use an app to blog on the iPad? If so, which one? What do you think of it?

Computers and other devices, how to decide what is worthwhile

I currently use a cheap two year old cell phone and a previous wonderful, but currently dying, XPS m1330 laptop. The time has come for me to get a new laptop and with that comes an abundance of choices.

I have used Macs at work and although I find them useful for data analysis, I can’t get used to the interface and find it frustrating that many programs (ie microsoft publisher and lord of the rings online) are not available for Mac computers, thus it was pretty easy for me to rule that one out. (that and the fact that there are only 3 options for laptops and I dont like any of them for reasons that may become apparent below).

But the world of PCs is MASSIVE! There are so many companies and computers and sizes. As of now, the only laptops I have ever owned are Dell laptops (I have owned two of them, the one I own and an old 12 inch one that I think was an inspiron), thus it is not surprising that I would start there. My requirements were as follows:

  • Under 14 inches
  • Under 5 lbs
  • icore 5 processor or greater
  • 300 GB hardrive or greater
  • 2 GB of ram (though preferably 4)
  • and a fairly solid video card (for a laptop)

Who knew that was so much to ask for?!

*yes I know that desktops make better gaming computers, but I really like my mobility – I like to lay on the floor or the couch or the bed or spread out at the table etc. I have never been very good at staying in one place or in one position for very long.

My biggest problem is I want so much of everything. I want a little device that I can carry in a purse and pull on a whim to better organize effectively via electronic calendars and to-do lists. But I also want to be able to continue playing online MMO games with my husband, brother, and other friends.

Ever since the ipad came out, I have been obsessed with it, but to really get the most use out of it I would need to actively be using spreadsheets and word processing (as I currently utilize my laptop alongside the desktop at work) and I have heard that it is not quite as useful for those things. Not to mention it certainly can NOT play video games. So how can I possible justify buying BOTH an ipad (despite its aesthetic appeal) AND a laptop.

But I believe I may have found the solution in an ipod touch. It is of course, unfortunate that the cost of an ipod touch ($299) is the same as that of an iphone (with a 2 year contract) but with the iphone I have to commit to a contract AND pay a monthly data plan. Having never had internet on my phone, I don’t think I would miss the unlimited access to internet that a data plan provides. I think, instead, I will get myself a small laptop cabaple of playing video games (likely the alienware m11x) and save up to get the ipod touch to serve as my electronic peacekeeper that will fit in my purse. As the new laptop was meant to be a hanukkah present from my parents, you can see that the struggle of decision making has taken us all the way through to nearly February.

But by golly, I think we have reached a decision 🙂