ERRANDS Ipad App Review – To Do Lists!

If I had to describe myself in a handful of words – To-Do Lists would definitely be on there. I make pretty much everything into spread sheets or to-do lists. I just love the way spreadsheets look and I love crossing things off of lists.

Today I found a lovely to-do list app for my ipad and I love it 🙂

It is FREE and it is called ERRANDS TO DO LIST- with currently over 1600 reviews and 4.5 stars, I certainly had to try it out.

On the left you can create folders, ie individual to-do lists by categories

This is my to-do list for my exam on March 26th – we have three subjects on that exam. And then – within each subject, I can list all the lectures, labs, to-dos for that subject that will be on this exam.

You can also set alarms, due dates, sort by dates, and many other interesting features.

So – now that I have wasted a good 15 minutes inputting lists through my next exam, along with a list of chores and other things to accomplish today specifically, I suppose I should start crossing things OFF the list ❤

Do you use to-do lists? Do you hand write them? Do you have an app of choice? Have you tried this one?

Hope everyone has a good day!


I make lists – what do you do?

“I make lists in my sleep baby… what’s my sin? Never quit! I follow through…”

Of course, anyone who truly knows me, knows that Life in A Nutshell by the Barenaked Ladies is absolutely my most favorite song ever. But Take me Or Leave me from Rent will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, the entire soundtrack of Rent is pretty special to me, probably because it was part of a magical summer at camp.

It’s absolutely true that I make lists in my sleep, however, what is not true is the next lyric in the song “I hate mess” – because the problem is, I am kinda a mess. I am one of those messy clean people that can’t operate without color coded notes and study guides and prioritized daily to-do lists. But I am a clutter freak. And our living room was out of control with crafts, papers, clothes, hair pins, you name it. Messy is something I am really working on improving so my husband doesn’t feed me to the sharks someday when I’m not looking.

Today was a good day. Because I was immensely productive. I rocked at work. Then, I came home – put a two loads in the wash, did workout video number 1, cleaned, moved the clothes to the dryer, did workout video number two, did more cleaning, shower, ate, folded clothes and successfully cleaned up the living room in its entirety by 7 pm. – then I proceeded to watch the first 4 episodes of Glee season 1 upon discovering that it is available on instant queue.

SO – What do I like even more than making lists? Crossing things off 🙂

Today was a good day

What’s next on your to-do list?