Google + Hangout System for Studying

okay – yes, my four person medical school study group is full of nerds. and we are awesome. this weekend we discovered just how useful (and brilliant) Google + could be.

Today, one of the four of us is away visiting her boyfriend, I am at church (studying while my husband does some social event with his students), and the other two of us are at their individual homes.

Together, we logged onto google+, created a hangout – and held a live video study session! which is kinda awesome. Not only can we see a video of all four of us. But we can also choose to show our screen, instead of our self, when we need to discuss a particular slide or diagram.

It was truly amazing. Now we are gonna be a bit lazy this week and meet that way in the evenings too so that once we leave school (after being there for classes from 8:00 am – 4/5:00 pm) we don’t have to return in the evening for more studying. Instead we can all just use our computers from the comfort of our homes and study together 😉



This is how medical school makes me feel

Saw this on pinterest this morning….

Just another big exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Still waiting on Medical school…

Chicago Medical School said they would let me know by May 1st – so I gave them a call just now – and it seems they need a bit more time – they will let us know by the end of the first week in may – sigh – another week… I have never wanted anything so badly…

Dreaming… about… medical school?

So you know you are losing your mind when…

… you are dreaming about medical school? Not just getting IN to medical school. Now THAT would be normal. No. I had a dream last night about being IN school. sitting in class, learning about the Achilles Tendon (probably because that is the next muscle I am going to highlight in my health blog). I was totally enjoying myself, seriously delighted to be in class.

Sigh. I don’t remember the last time I have wanted something this badly. what is it I want? an acceptance letter to the Chicago Medical School. This school is just soooo perfect for me.

A – I can get a degree with a distinction in research! This means I get to do my own research project! So essentially I get to continue my research career, while pursuing medicine, without having to tack on an additional 3-5 years to get a PhD.

B – CMS has a certificate in women’s health program. For just a few extra courses (or perhaps through careful selection of my electives) – I can get a certificate in women’s health. As someone who is EXTREMELY passionate about women’s health, how can this not be perfect for me?

C – We get to do all our rotations through a series of DIFFERENT hospitals. How cool is that? I love diversity and this really seems like the best atmosphere to pursue a medical education.

D – Rosalind Franklin University is entirely composed of graduate programs. This must facilitate great interprofessional discourse. How exciting to learn from experts from all the branches of science!

E – The fact that it is an entire graduate school and that there is a Hillel there, means that there is a graduate hillel! How is that not the coolest thing you have ever heard? great place for me to continue the graduate and young professional Rosh Chodesh group I started at Brown University

F – it is still in the Chicago area and the wonderful state of Illinois. I really love having so much family around. It is great to see so much of my aunts and uncles and cousins. Much more so than I used to. It’s a shame my brother is graduate Lake Forest College in May and leaving IL for NM. But I still really love this place.

G – sigh… I could just keep going.

I hate waiting for something I want so much. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

what crazy or unhealthy dreams have YOU had lately?

Life and Other Luxuries – Medical School and fitness Adventures

Good evening loyal followers,

A bit late in the evening for me to be posting a daily post, but it has been quite a whirlwind of events. Last Tuesday I received an email to interview at Rosalind Franklin University (aka Chicago Medical School) and today I had that interview. There were many mock interviews to be had with faculty and staff at the University of Chicago where I work and current residents that had graduated from CMS. but I think all the prep work paid off because I was quite pleased with my experience today. I think both my interviews went well, and I really liked the people that I interviewed with. I really enjoyed my tour of the campus and all my time spent with medical students. I really like the school and the program and, of course, the location. We were told we will know by May 1st. So here’s to hoping.

On other notes, I finished my 90 day workout program. And am quite pleased with the results. I was able to lose about 7 pounds and 7 inches overall throughout the body which was great. I am really excited to start a new program next week called Brazil Butt Lifts, you know, to really get toned for the summer. This program has two different 30 day series. So it is shorter, but equally challenging. I have previewed some of the videos, and as of now, do NOT have the length strength to keep up. I am really excited for the challenge. I also took the time to write out my April goals here and am really excited for what April will bring.

In the meantime, this next week is really about me getting some rest and enjoying some of those tasty delights I denied myself throughout my 90 day program. I am having crock pot mac-n-cheese tomorrow and fried chicken on Wednesday. Then I will get back to eating healthier in preperation for my next 30 day program. For this week I am doing the Cardio Recovery video as a daily workout. This video comes from my husband’s Insanity workout program. He is starting his second 30 day chunk of the 60 day program this week. I wish him the best of luck! I am certain he will rock it.

I hope everyone had a great monday!


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