The Fighter and The Night Angel Trilogy

Today I would like to share two reviews with you. In the past week I have seen the movie The Fighter and finished the three part book series “The Night Angel Trilogy”. Here are my thoughts on each.

The Fighter – My Review

I tend to dislike the movies that get nominated for and win the awards, and The Fighter was really no exception. Before I go on my rant, I will mention that the acting was phenomenal – the emotions were genuine. But the positivity ends there.

The end was anticlimatic. It was like the movie just suddenly stopped. I really had no idea that THAT fight marked the end of the movie. and the pacing in general was just really off. There was no time references, I wanted to know how long one was in jail or it took for his hand to heal or he trained etc. But there was nothing. It was impossible to tell if the entire movie took place over the course of 6 months of 6 years. I also thought parts of the script were really poorly done (albeit I will credit it with some really good lines as well).

Overall if you are the kind of person that has to see all the award winning movies, then by all means, do it. But I wouldn’t watch it again.

I give it three out of five stars – just because you really do have to acknowledge that the acting was incredible. Its nice to see Amy Adams in something other than Enchanted.

The Night Angel Triology – My Review

This book series has a lot of characters. I think that is where I must begin. The writing is intriguing and the story is unique. In an attempt not to ruin anything – we have a bad ass assassin who trains another assassin and together they work to save the world. Lol – vague, yes, I know. But it is complete with magic and prophecy and invisibility and poisons.

Book number 1: The first book seems to introduce a lot of people and sometimes it is hard to know why we care. But you really grow attached to a lot of the characters. And it becomes clear that the author never names a character that doesn’t matter. I was immediately drawn into the story and the history.

Book number 2 and 3 are blurring together in my head:  The author really starts to bring characters together. I start to see each characters significance. I felt the characters tortures and heartbreak. The only character I really didn’t like was Elene, but I suppose she redeems herself eventuall. Mostly, she annoys the crap out of me. But Uly keeps me laughing and Vi quickly becomes my favorite character. In a big jumble, all of the characters come together for an epic final battle. And I really really loved the books, up until about the last scene. I kinda found that too to be anticlimatic and a bit too simple really. But I won’t ruin it for you. There were still some last minute twists that made it all worthwhile.


  • The creative twisted plot that follows its rules rather nicely
  • Vi
  • Durzo Blint
  • The history – I love all the history and how relevant it all is
  • The necessity of each individual character. well done!


  • The third book has no real antagonist. There is not just 1 single character for us to hate and/or pity.
  • The final scene
  • Khali
  • The inconsistencies: two things never really get finished – the wizards at the end of book 2 and the sisters conflicts

Also – in case you have read the sword of truth series, anyone else notice the similarities with the Sisters of the Light/Dark?

Overall – I absolutely recommend these books and look forward to reading the authors next trilogy.

Have you seen The Fighter or read the Night Angel’s Trilogy? What is YOUR review? How many stars for each?


A book review: the perks of being a wallflower

bottles,bowls,cans,decorations,flowers,foods,fruit bowls,fruits,homes,households,houses,ornamentations,photographs,plants,residences,tables,vases,wallsMy freshman year of college, a high school friend of mine sent me a message to say something along the lines of “omg, ashley, you must read this book.” So, placing huge amounts of trust in this particular friend who hadn’t previously recommended a book, I left my dorm and ventured over to the library to check it out. It was love at first sight. This book, about a young boy named Charlie, struggling through life, is incredible. Charlie tells his own story, as each chapter is a letter from himself to some unknown recipient. His best friend has just committed suicide, and Charlie, very shy and emotionally driven, must begin high school alone. This book hedges on issues of homosexuality, abortion, rape, and teenage angst while every reader falls in love with Charlie and his struggle between growing up and staying young.

Today I find out, this book is going to be made into a movie. And I am a blur of emotions. First, because as of this past year, my tear ducts have taken on a mind of their own, and suddenly I cry at absolutely everything (be it a  sweet romantic moment in No Strings Attached or a death on Grey’s Anatomy). And I know that I will see this movie, and I know that I will cry. And second, because I am extremely excited to see this story get unfolded on the big screen. It’s gonna be epic. As long as it doesn’t spark a whole new era of emo kids cutting themselves and imagining problems in their families because life as a teenager is just so dang hard.

With a release of 2012, the perks of being a wallflower is rumored to star Logan Lerman as Charlie. IMDB reminds me that I know Logan both from the lightening thief, and more importantly, from 3:10 to Yuma – which is an incredibly movie and if you haven’t seen it – please rent immediately. The only other casted member, according to IMDB is Emma Watson as Sam. I am excited to see if Emma can really break out of her shell as Hermoine and rise to the task of such an emotionally charged role.

A summary of arts and crafts for January 2011


In the month of January I completed the following projects:

  • Three scarves for donation
  • A hat for my husband
  • A scarf for my cousin

and I started (or worked on) the following projects

  • Red comforter for a single size bed – approximately 60% complete
  • Baby blanket for donation – approximately 80% complete
  • Scarf for my maid of honor dress at my best friend’s wedding – just barely started
  • Pair of socks – 1 done – 1 to go
  • Challah cover – sewed the wrong way – needs to be torn out and done again – but otherwise complete


Movies I saw for the first time in January 2011

  • Dispicable Me – cute, but not nearly as cute as I had expected – eh
  • Wall-E – wow! I was seriously set against this movie with its lack of conversation and my short attention span but I must say… I give it two thumbs up!
  • Slumdog Millionaire – this was an extremely sad movie, and a bit too jumpy for my taste
  • No Strings Attached – I really liked this movie! Good amounts of humour and romance and unlike most chick flicks, the movie recognizes that the girl is NOT always right.
  • The A Team – this was your typical shoot em up kind of movie. it was fun.
  • The Mechanic – like every Jason Statham movie, I liked it 🙂
  • Funny People – eh – this had a lot of funny people in it but it really was more screwed up than funny – dislike button selected
  • The Bicentennial Man – seriously? well… I definately do NOT have the attention span for this movie
  • The Invention of Lying – really enjoyed this one. silly but fun.


In January 2011, I wrote 15 articles at and 19 items here at Here are the 19 articles written here at cleverknots. The month of February needs a greater emphasis on health and fitness and a slightly larger percentage of crafts. I am going for a 1:1:1.5 ratio for the month of February, the latter being for crafts.

Health and Fitness Crafts Other
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