Arts and Crafts for Donation

One of my good friends, Jess, is an absolute genius. – She has created a space for us to auction off arts and craft pieces, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Jess was inspired by an online bake sale for disaster relief in Japan where they raised over $3700 for this in just 2 days of bidding.

The idea here is that we can have a craft/homemade online sale. People donate their own crafted/homemade items and then we start a bidding for each item at a certain amount and let people bid on them and then all the proceeds go to a charity of our choosing (well probably a charity of Jess’s choosing since she it was her idea, but I promise she always supports good groups).

Anyways, although it wouldnt be till the fall you might have to start making things this summer and we just want a feel for how many people would participate. I know a lot of crafty type people stumble across this blog so I want to make sure to catch your attention!

You can paint, knit, draw, make pottery, sew whatever you want to contribute.

If you are interested in donating ITEMS – please do three things:

1. Like our facebook page – this is where the actual auction will take place. We will also post updates concerning times and charities.
2. Post on the facebook page how many items, and of what variety you would like to contribute. You will have to determine shipping costs and a starting bid, but that can come later.
3. Share the facebook page on your wall to get your friends and family involved!

If you are interested in bidding– please do two things:

1. Like our facebook page so that you can keep up with announcements and make sure to get your bids in

2. Share the facebook page on your wall to get your friends and family involved!


Sewing Update – Skirt Pattern, Pictures, and More!

As mentioned in a post last week, I am taking a sewing class. Each week we get one step closer to making a skirt. We were able to choose a pattern from a selection of about 15 patterns and I selected to make the Butterick B4686 pattern.

I am making the “brown” skirt, though obviously if you are following along with my sewing adventure posts, you would have seen that my fabric is pink (image of fabric).You can see the plain look below – I am doing item “C”.

In last week’s class (March 31st) we cut out our fabric and learned how to do an overcast stitch around all the edges so we do not have to worry about the edges of the fabric fraying. Because each of us either has a waist line or a yolk (in my case it is a yolk – the top piece of the pattern where a waist band would normally be found). Here are some pictures of my fabric freshly cut, with the pattern still pinned in place!

And this is the skirt cut out 🙂 there is another piece but here you can see 3 of the 4 pattern pieces (there are multiples of each one)

Of the six skirt designs, which one is your favorite?

Life and Other Luxuries – Medical School and fitness Adventures

Good evening loyal followers,

A bit late in the evening for me to be posting a daily post, but it has been quite a whirlwind of events. Last Tuesday I received an email to interview at Rosalind Franklin University (aka Chicago Medical School) and today I had that interview. There were many mock interviews to be had with faculty and staff at the University of Chicago where I work and current residents that had graduated from CMS. but I think all the prep work paid off because I was quite pleased with my experience today. I think both my interviews went well, and I really liked the people that I interviewed with. I really enjoyed my tour of the campus and all my time spent with medical students. I really like the school and the program and, of course, the location. We were told we will know by May 1st. So here’s to hoping.

On other notes, I finished my 90 day workout program. And am quite pleased with the results. I was able to lose about 7 pounds and 7 inches overall throughout the body which was great. I am really excited to start a new program next week called Brazil Butt Lifts, you know, to really get toned for the summer. This program has two different 30 day series. So it is shorter, but equally challenging. I have previewed some of the videos, and as of now, do NOT have the length strength to keep up. I am really excited for the challenge. I also took the time to write out my April goals here and am really excited for what April will bring.

In the meantime, this next week is really about me getting some rest and enjoying some of those tasty delights I denied myself throughout my 90 day program. I am having crock pot mac-n-cheese tomorrow and fried chicken on Wednesday. Then I will get back to eating healthier in preperation for my next 30 day program. For this week I am doing the Cardio Recovery video as a daily workout. This video comes from my husband’s Insanity workout program. He is starting his second 30 day chunk of the 60 day program this week. I wish him the best of luck! I am certain he will rock it.

I hope everyone had a great monday!


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Knitting Washclothes Using Knitting for Color Techniques book

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If you recall, I am a member of the Forefront Stitchers at the University of Chicago. It is a group,composed entirely of hospital staff and faculty, that craft things for donation both in and out of the hospital. I made a few scarves for donation several months back. And now we are making wash clothes which will go to a women’s shelter in south chicago in may. So far I have made 3 wash clothes using my color techniques books and 1 washcloth using a pattern from ravelry. The book,  The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques (here at amazon), was a birthday gift from my aunt. Look at the cool things I’ve made!

I will write a separate post about the ravelry pattern, but here are my thoughts (and close ups) of the other three.

First, we have the “Waffle Check” technique, which creates little boxes (kinda triangular looking in person) of color throughout. This was by far the easiest of the three. It consists of knit and slip stitches only.

This next one is my favorite of the three. I just really like the way the ridges look. Don’t worry, it is super soft, so it still works as a great wash cloth. It reminds me of candy, and I love candy. The name of this color technique is “Twisted Ladder” and it is slightly more complicated than the “Waffle Check” because of the “twist.” The twist itself consists of knitting into the second stitch on the needle then back through the first stitch. Otherwise, this conists of knitting, purling, and slipping.

Finally, we have the “Dip Stitch Stripes” color technique. This one is both my husband and brothers favorite of the three, though it is probably my least favorite. Perhaps because it was kinda a pain. When I say this looks NOTHING like it does in the book, I mean it looks NOTHING like it does in the book. You really have to make the stiches that pull through a previous row VERY loose so as not to get clumps in your final piece. I still got clumps :/

Which one is your favorite?

My Birthday gift – a sewing class!

So of course, as my birthday was February 27th, this is long overdue. But as a gift from my parents, they enrolled me a local sewing class. Can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about it. At this point I am three weeks in. The first week was just a long discussion about what supplies we need and what each of the supplies are for (I had never heard of half of them) and then of course we learned about things like darts and yolks.

The final goal of the class is to successfully create a skirt. Here is a picture of my fabric hanging up to dry on our towel racks (yay for walmarts over the door towel racks)

The front colorful fabric is made of Rayon and will be the skirt. The back solid pink fabric will be the lining for the skirt. we didn’t have to do lining, but I figured that if I was gonna learn, I should take the time to learn everything.

As it turns out, I wasn’t supposed to use rayon. Our teacher gave us a list of acceptable fabrics, one of which was rayon linen, which is evidently a much stiffer fabric. Needless to say, pinning the pattern pieces to this fabric was a royal pain. But I never have made learning easy on myself. When I learned to crochet I started with a purse, and when I learned to knit, I started with a sock, so it stands to reason that my first sewing project should be with Rayon. More to come as class progresses!