Don’t Miss Last Week’s Fitness Posts!

I haven’t been around here much. And for that I apologize. I do hope to get some more knitting done. But it always seems to get pushed aside for something else (studying, sleeping, eating, reading, exercising etc). Needless to say – I have put my exercise, and thus my exercise blog, on a higher priority these days. Here are my posts from the last seven days!

March 2nd – Crossfit and Insanity? Danger Will Robinson!

Woke up this morning and could hardly move. kept crawling back in bed. I am SO incredibly sore. Which of course, means that I had quite a successful workout yesterday.
Last time crossfit training at the gym was hard but was pretty much all strength training, so when my hubby asked me to do Insanity with him yesterday, before crossfit, I of course agreed.


March 3rd – What does your dream body look like? Crossfit trainer Amanda Welliver

ith my recent obsession with Body Pump and Crossfit – I have “liked” both of their facebook pages and that is where I came across this photo. This women had a baby 10 months ago? Are you for REAL? I am thoroughly impressed.

My goal is to look HALF as good as her this time next year. I want all that muscle too!


March 4th – Starting on a Journey with Les Mills Pump

Have you seen the movie Anastasia?
The kids version I mean. Random, but when I started writing this journal entry, a song from that movie jumped into my head:
We were strangers, startin out on a journey
Never dreamin’ what we’d have to go through
Now here we are, and Im suddenly standin’
At the beginning with you
Anyways – doesn’t have much to do with workouts – but I am indeed starting out on a journey with a new workout program. One I had literally been counting down the days to its arrival. 


March 5th – Reviewing My February Goals and Looking Ahead to March!

Back on February 2nd, I wrote down a series of goals that I hoped to accomplish the in the month of February. Some of them were done easily, others still have some room to improve. But either way, I did make steps towards all of these changes and am quite satisfied with where I am today.
I split my goals into two categories: Nutrition & Exercise.


March 6th – My Back Feels Sunburned – What is YOUR Solution to Sore Muscles?

I think I may have overdone it a bit these past few days. I did crossfit last thursday which included several hundred push-ups, Body Pump Video on Saturday, which is all weight lifting, Ab Video and Body Combat on Sunday, which turned out to be a lot of upper body strength, and THEN last night I did ANOTHER Body Pump class, again all weight lifting. By the time I left class last night my entire upper back was tight.


March 7th – Wordless Wednesday: Born to Run


March 8th – My version of a Greek salad with an Italian twist

Last Sunday I went to an AMWA event (American Medical Women’s Association). It was a really nice dinner at a local restaurant here where I got to interact with a few fourth years, a doctor, and of course a few other girls from my own class. It was quite the event.
One of the things they served was a salad which was finely chopped and included lettuce, feta, chick peas, onions, and who knows what else. But it was positively delicious and inspired me to get back into making my own salads.


I hope you enjoy! Keep checking back – I only have about two inches of these socks left to do – so if all goes well there might be another crafty post for you in the next week or two!


A future in nutrition and woman’s health

They say to select a career that you are passionate about. And I am passionate about woman’s health and nutrition, but that career path has many streets to choose from. For the past few years, I have really been pushing to be an ob/gyn physician. I want to help woman improve their health. I want to guide them through adolescence, as they struggle, like most of us do, to fit in and be accepted. I want to educate woman of all ages about birth control and their own reproductive health. and I want to educate woman about nutrition.

Woman go through so many avenues as they grow related to nutrition. Young girls really can’t overemphasize calcium intake, because studies have shown that the amount of calcium you consume prior to menstruation can have an impact on you ability to generate and maintain healthy bone density later in life. For the same reason, young girls should find a resistance training program to increase that bone density, and continue this practice throughout life. Women are at a much larger risk for osteoporosis after menopause due to alterations in our hormones.

But woman also need to be aware of many other changes in their life. For instance, nutrition needs to be adjusted for woman trying to get pregnant, woman that are pregnant (and nutrition requirements even change from month to month as the baby grows), and woman that breastfeeding. Gestational diabetes is a major concern and woman are at greater risk of celiac disease.

So what is my goal in life? to really be able to help these woman, guide policy to help these woman, and to directly interact with these woman. So I am looking at post-bac programs, in order to demonstrate my ability to both handle the coursework material and renew my prerequisites (as many of my classes are over 7 years old), perhaps nursing, and perhaps diatetics, with a masters in nutrition.

I also have decided to publish a weekly wednesday article on woman’s health in the news here. This week’s topic? Vaginal steam baths.