Return of the Jedi – err return of the Ashley

yes – it has been over a month since I have written here. Not really sure why. I think of things to write – and then – just don’t write them. And that really isn’t good for anybody. I have been really busy – with family in town for a week and a week on a cruise ship – And I spent a lot of time writing 22 articles in my fitness blog last month – but that doesn’t justify a month’s absence. nothing does. I would like to thank my friend Jackie – because she commented on several of my posts last week including Five For Friday and my Headband post which sent me an email and reminded me – hey YOU HAVE A BLOG. 

So here I am – starting again.

As an aside – I finally purchased a little 2 dollar notebook so that I can write to-do lists and jot down things like blog ideas as I think of them in addition to quick scheduling notes and plans. Some day I really want an ipad or ipod touch that I can carry in my purse to serve the same purpose (and more obviously) but I cant yet justify the price – particularly since i really want the ipad and it is just way too expensive.

So in the mean time here is my little notebook

Isn’t it cute? as you can see – it is smaller than the height of a standard pen and probably about 3.5 inches wide. I tend to carry pretty big purses but it is nice to have something that will fit in my relatively smaller pink purse that I love so much.

Anyways – please check back – I have decided that one of June goals is to write in this blog 15 times in the month of June so check back and if you are on twitter – hold me to it! @Ashleysh22

I think I might even try my hand at a few political posts. Meghan McCain is my current favorite political blogger. Have you read any of her stuff?

How do you keep track of your to-do items? Do you make a list? hand write? type? phone? computer?


A summary of arts and crafts for January 2011


In the month of January I completed the following projects:

  • Three scarves for donation
  • A hat for my husband
  • A scarf for my cousin

and I started (or worked on) the following projects

  • Red comforter for a single size bed – approximately 60% complete
  • Baby blanket for donation – approximately 80% complete
  • Scarf for my maid of honor dress at my best friend’s wedding – just barely started
  • Pair of socks – 1 done – 1 to go
  • Challah cover – sewed the wrong way – needs to be torn out and done again – but otherwise complete


Movies I saw for the first time in January 2011

  • Dispicable Me – cute, but not nearly as cute as I had expected – eh
  • Wall-E – wow! I was seriously set against this movie with its lack of conversation and my short attention span but I must say… I give it two thumbs up!
  • Slumdog Millionaire – this was an extremely sad movie, and a bit too jumpy for my taste
  • No Strings Attached – I really liked this movie! Good amounts of humour and romance and unlike most chick flicks, the movie recognizes that the girl is NOT always right.
  • The A Team – this was your typical shoot em up kind of movie. it was fun.
  • The Mechanic – like every Jason Statham movie, I liked it 🙂
  • Funny People – eh – this had a lot of funny people in it but it really was more screwed up than funny – dislike button selected
  • The Bicentennial Man – seriously? well… I definately do NOT have the attention span for this movie
  • The Invention of Lying – really enjoyed this one. silly but fun.


In January 2011, I wrote 15 articles at and 19 items here at Here are the 19 articles written here at cleverknots. The month of February needs a greater emphasis on health and fitness and a slightly larger percentage of crafts. I am going for a 1:1:1.5 ratio for the month of February, the latter being for crafts.

Health and Fitness Crafts Other
Jan 07Too Good for you? – How to start out your day the nutritious way for just 4 dollars a day! Read More… Jan 04Color Coded – a description of a blue and orange scarf made for my cousin. Read More… Jan 06 – It’s about darn time – My January resolutions. Read More…
Jan 26New Year Resolutions and getting Fit – Muscle in necessary to help boost metabolism. This article mentions 1 type of resistance training to really help you get in shape. Read More… Jan 07Putting your crafts to good use – A description of the donation group; the Forefront Stitchers. Read More… Jan 09 – My Feet have seen better days – A discussion of blisters and welcoming advice on healing. Read More…
Jan 29 – A foundation for children with HIV and AIDS – The University of Chicago is raising money for  children with HIV and AIDS in the greater Chicago area. Read More… Jan 20Whirlwinds and Pretty Things – An update on my life, blogging, and crafts including three scarves made for donationRead More… Jan 10 – Weekend Adventures – Tales of crafting, reading, and learning about the beneficial effects of shakeology and children with down’s syndrome. Read More…
Jan 21Crazy Clever Crochet – This article describes and depicts some pretty wild crochet projects such as covering an entire car. Read More… Jan 12Books of 2010 – A list of the books I read in 2010. Read More…
Jan 24Winter Diamonds Coming Soon – An update on the three scarves I made for donation and a sneak peak at my new pattern Winter Diamonds. Read More… Jan 21 Thanks to Blog Frog – From a forum at the blogger community – blog frog – I got the idea to write out a weekly blogging schedule. Read More…
Jan 26Project Linus: Making donations easy – Project linus is an organization that collects blankets. Here is a quick and easy way to make blankets and start donating! Read More… Jan 24Weekly: Scheduling my upcoming posts – a list of all the entries I planned to write in my health and fitness blog. Read More…
Jan 30A “Delightful” hat knitted for my husband – This is a review of the pattern I used to knit my husband a nice warm winter hat. Read More… Jan 24Post a Day 2011 – An entry representing my official commitment to post every single day for the remainder of 2011. Read More…
Jan 26Sparkly Online Images – providing a sample and a link to online glittery images that are in the public domain. There are also other public free domain photos in the comments. Read More…
Jan 27 – Computers and Other Devices: how to decide what is worthwhile – a discussion of my thoughts on getting a new computer. Looking at different brands and requirements. Read More…

February Resolutions: A list of things to accomplish in February 2011

amethysts,birthdays,birthstones,February,gems,gemstones,nature,precious stones,signs,special occasions,symbols
February 2011
  1. Complete the baby blanket started for donation back in November before Valentine’s day
  2. Finish at least 1 of the two bridesmaid scarves by January 12th, in hopes my friend Jen can teach me how to block it
  3. Make my make-up roll!


  1. Write in this blog ( every single day – no exceptions
  2. Submit 1 ezine article per a week
  3. Write a minimum of 6 articles a week on as follows: 1 exercise, 2 woman’s heath, 2 nutrition, 1 lifestyle
  4. Write and publish 2 patterns this month: 1 scarf, 1 other
  5. Write and distribute a newsletter every other week to all of the people I coach on beachbody! (sign up is free – just click here )
  1. Continue to follow the Turbo Fire workout schedule explicitly – working out 6 days a week
  2. Goal: graduate from light to medium resistance bands for use in Turbo Fire
  3. Reduce amount of candy consumption to five days a week or less
  4. Cook dinner from scratch a minimum of 4 days a week
  5. Continue to eat at least 3 servings of vegetables a day
What are YOUR goals for February? (leave a comment!)